How to Use iMusic

An ultimate all-in-one music manager to download music, transfer music between iPhone/iPad/iPod and iTunes/Mac, and clean up music collection.

Create Car Playlists

Besides CDs, USB is another music carrier for playing in a car. iMusic is capable of creating car playlists.

Step 1. Download and install iMusic on your Mac or PC. And then click “TOOLBOX” menu on the top of the software. Next select “CAR PLAYLIST”.

record music in iMusic

Step 2. A new window will pop up, displaying the available playlists. Insert a flash driver to your Mac or PC.

record music in iMusic

Step 3. Check the needed playlists and click “Finish”. By default, all playlists are checked. You can uncheck the unwanted ones.

record music in iMusic

Step 4. When the transferring process is done, you can open the flash driver to check the car playlist. It is a file with extension as .m3u.

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