iMusic Product Reviews

2016-11-19 02:31:06
Top one by Reigh simone

Being a developer I always believed, wish I could be part of making such a fabulous music management product. It is simply peerless and top one.

2016-11-17 23:48:38
Exemplary by Leena roset

I have a decent idea about what to expect from an ideal music management product because I did lot of research on this topic. This one is exemplary!!!!!!!

2016-11-16 23:54:53
Great source of knowledge by Henley morgan

After downloading this music manager I also went for some user guides and articles available on this site as they were really useful to gain technical knowledge.

2016-11-15 22:37:00
Running easy by Lorens bradman

I never thought it can be so easy to transfer music files between apple devices and iTunes. Things are really running smooth here.

2016-11-14 23:49:30
New products are coming by Alisha haydon

This platform is getting better and better. Every month I can see some more quality products are added in its basket. It is really good sign.

2016-11-08 22:53:39
Achieved with it everything by Zack

I purchased this tool as I wanted to do few experiments with my music files. Good that I could achieve what I wanted to achieve with it.

2016-11-07 22:54:28
Easy to play it here by Malon chris

If I can’t play any song online then I can easily play it here. This is kind of potential this music management tool comes with.

2016-11-07 06:05:39
I had high expectations. by Coutteau Benny

Downloads are usually on youtube and are not always good quality and live recordings. When recording in time sometimes no proper tags. I consider 30 days money back.

2016-11-03 21:24:32
Makes life easy by Cameron L

This is one of the software where I like to spend more and more time because it has so many interesting things to make your life easy.

2016-11-03 00:14:17
Working on it by Kavin

I am working on this tool and exploring new features from it every day. Soon I will figure out a best way to make efficient use of it.

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