iMusic Product Reviews

2017-01-04 23:30:47
3000 sites to download music by Ray hofstater

When I came to know that I can download music files from more than 3000 sites using this tool then I immediately went for it.

2017-01-04 00:04:55
Backup tool by Willimsons key

You should always have a back plan and resources to deal with any technical chaos and this one is my backup tool to take care of things.

2017-01-02 23:34:25
Liked the record feature by Susie karon

I liked the RECORD feature that comes with this musical product. It gives me an opportunity to record n number of favorite songs from the list.

2017-01-01 22:25:05
Classy product by Sheldy parner

The feeling of using a reputed and perfect always give me confidence to go an extra mile. This is definitely that kind of product.

2017-01-01 01:51:28
Product for everyone by Simy kappor

It is now just music lovers but even users of other interest will find this tool extremely exciting to use at such a low price.

2016-12-30 22:58:38
Something to gain by Laxy cordon

The key thing about this tool is that it can fulfill needs of users in category. Whether you are a newbie or a professional you have something to gain here.

2016-12-29 22:41:13
Effortless to work by Jimmy

With the help of this excellent product, I came to learn how to get your work done effortlessly. Now I can get maximum results in less time.

2016-12-29 16:55:37
Great Program - Couple of Flaws by Justin Brown

Great program so far. Couple of things I've noticed that let it down: 1. In ALBUM View it shows all the tracks instead of just the ALBUM. Should show just the "Album" and the Tracks Cascade from that. 2. Fixes and Saves tags fine but doesn't seem to keep the update. My Library is on a NAS but no security or other errors indicating it didn't work? When you click "Done" it doesn't close the Window so how do you know it worked or not? So far everything else is ok.

2016-12-29 07:09:33
Strong list of featues by Maria chipsake

Just go through the number of features this tool has packed with and you will come to know that the list is never ending.

2016-12-12 20:36:35
Product of my dreams by Alia walsh

It is like a product that I can find only in my dreams. Nothing better than this available in market to make my life easy.

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