With every smartphone possessing a built-in camera, we are capturing more photos and videos than ever. The only downside that we would be facing over a period is that these media files consume a lot of room in the device. It causes the users to backup the videos to PC to free space on their smart device. It is a good practice to make it a habit to get the photos and videos of the device from time to time. We present you two ways to transfer videos from Android phone to your PC, and they are the simplest solutions that you could find.

Part 1. Transfer videos from Android Phone to PC with iMusic

iMusic is an all in one manager that allows you to download, transfer media files between iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android phones and Windows PC/Mac/iTunes in simple steps. The application allows you to copy the videos from your Android device along with other media files to your PC. You no longer require additional software provided by the manufacturer of the device to connect your Android phone to the PC. The following are the additional features of the program apart from transferring videos:

  • Built-in music library allows you to discover the hottest music from popular music sites.
  • Download music from over 3000 websites that include YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, Facebook, Dailymotion, and more.
  • Record playlists and songs from your website. The feature is useful for online radio listeners.
  • Transfer music and videos between Apple devices and iTunes, and between iTunes and Android phones.
  • The powerful Toolbox gives you access to all the essential tools that you require in managing the iTunes library, Apple devices, and Android phones. You can also use the toolbox to remove DRM protection, transfer media to USB drive, and even burn playlists and selected songs to CDs.

Guide to transfer videos from Android phone to PC using iMusic

Step 1: Download and install the trial version of iMusic. After then, launch it. Connect your Android device to the computer via a USB cable. The application will detect the device automatically. If you are not able to see your device, you need to enable USB debugging. You can activate it by entering into the settings app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Once the program detects the phone, press “Device” feature. Click the video icon to display the files within the device. You can then selectively choose the videos that you wish to transfer to the computer. Once selected, you can press the export icon and choose Export to PC. Mention the destination to save the selected files.

Advantages of using iMusic to transfer videos from Android phone to PC

1. You do not require additional software to establish a connection between your Android phone and Windows PC.

2. It recognizes any video format, making it easy for you to copy the file from the device to PC.

3. It allows you to pick particular files rather than copying an entire folder.

4. It transfers the content at a faster rate than the normal speed.

Part 2. Transfer Videos from Android Phone to PC Manually

Apart from using iMusic, users also have the chance to transfer videos from their Android phone to PC using the manual procedure. The latter is the steps to move videos from Android phone to PC manually:

1. Connect the Android device to the computer using the USB cable. Unlock the device’s screen.

2. Swipe down the screen to view the notifications menu. Select USB notification and then tap Media transfer protocol (MTP) option.

3. The file transfer window opens up, played you can browse the folders containing on your Android device. You can drag and drop the video files from any other external devices and storage to your computer. After finishing, you can eject the device from the Windows.

Advantages of transferring videos from Android phone to PC manually

1. You can drag and drop the files or folders directly to your computer PC.

2. You can select individual files according to your requirement.

Disadvantages of transferring videos from Android phone to PC manually

1. It will be difficult for Windows PC to recognize a few devices.

2. The transfer rate of the files varies according to the version of the operating system of the computer and as that of the Android device.

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