Just like any other software program, users of Android go through some hard times with iTunes. One of such problems is inability to download apps which is caused by either incompatibility of the device or unavailability of the device in specific country. That has been the greatest challenge but it is easy to address as well. There are times when difficulties in downloading apps or any other content on Android is caused by poor internet connection. You should be sure to check on that through restarting the computer.

#1. iMusic

This is an important companion for iTunes that you must have in your collection. It is the best one to convert iTunes files from M4V to MP4 format. With that, you will have no problems playing back the songs on any mobile device without getting rid of the subtitle and original content. Quality of the converted files remains unaffected which is a huge advantage considering most of the convertors cause distortion. This app makes sure no issues touching on compatibility of your iTunes files is experienced.

#2. SuperSync (for Mac and Windows)


This is a high quality and very professional companion that is mostly used by deejays, video mavens and very many people who have made music part of their daily lives. It is a seamless and intuitive app that will allow any person to merge, compare, manage and organize iTunes on a wide variety of platforms including iOS, PC and Mac. Its main advantage is that it is easy to use and very fast in its functioning.

#3. iTunes Folder Watch (for Windows and Vista)

iTunes Folder Watch

This is a very reliable app and will prove effective in detecting new files that have been added as well as sync them automatically. Very many people have been complaining that iTunes does not work effectively in regards to that but this companion has the solution. It works by allowing you to set up the folders and carry out an evaluation of whether they are compatible. If there are any dead tracks in the iTunes library, this app is good at getting them out in addition to recovery of important ones from movements.

#4. iTunes Cleaner (for Mac and Windows)

iTunes Cleaner

As the name suggests, this app is used for cleaning iTunes and its Windows-based. This cleanup program for iTunes is very professional because it has the capacity of detecting as well as deleting duplicate songs from iTunes. It ensures the available space is used economically with no baggage being allowed. It can easily download music and provide for manual editing when necessary. The cleaner is not only limited to cleaning iTunes alone because it can work on other music folders that include MP4 music library. It encourages good organization of music files in iTunes.

#5. iTuner (for iOS)


This is the ultimate companion for your iTunes. It comes with unrivalled features that will make using your device very easy and enjoyable. There is library maintenance which is automated; playlist synchronization and management are superb, there are MP3 players, downloading of lyrics, controls for track and playback as well as universal keyboard control. These features will make your experience with iTunes very enjoyable and memorable to cherish another chance.

All these iTunes companions have very wonderful features that you can always get some value from. You can choose the ideal one depending on the prevailing needs that you are out to satisfy. Regardless of the choice that you make, ensure you get the best out of it.

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