This guide will show you how to merge two iTunes libraries as easily as possible, either between users or same, with Mac OS X (MacOS 10.12 Sierra, Snow Leopard, Lion included). This can be very useful for those who have one iTunes library at home Mac, say iMac, and a MacBook for work, for example. If you happen to have troubles like this, you can:

  • Get access to your whole iTunes library with any Mac
  • Download movies, music on the go with your potable Mac
  • Organize all your iTunes music, movies and more in one iTunes library
  • Sync your iTunes library to your iPod, iPhone or iPad anytime you want

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  • Identify and tag music with artist, title, album, genre, and more with the latest ID3 tag technology.

Step-by-step for combining iTunes libraries in Mac OS X with iMusic

Step 1: iMusic has versions for both Windows PC and Mac. Install and launch it. Now click “TOOLBOX” menu on the top of the software. Then, click “BACKUP/RESTORE ITUNES LIBRARY”.

Step 2: Click “Backup” option in the new pop-up window. Then check file types you want to backup in the next window and set up the destination for your computer to save the backup file. Click “Backup”.

Step 3: When the backup process is done, you can see the message “Congratulations! Your iTunes Library is backed up”. You can you enjoy the content from your iTunes on your Mac anytime!

To backup other iTunes to your Mac, you can repeat the process above so that files from different iTunes will be available on your Mac. Now you can find the files and combine them! EASY JOB!

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