If you have an Android or a Java phone and you want to download free music for Android without purchasing, you can use Waptrick music downloader. It is a website that offers the best Android and Java applications for free. Whether you are looking for MP3 ringtones, videos, songs, or any other type of mobile content, you can be sure that you will find it in Waptrick.

Part 1: How to Download Music for Android with Waptrick

There is a category for all types of mobile contents on the Website. There are categories like the Waptrick Full MP3 download, which gives you the option to download music including local songs, foreign music, and various audio files that are compatible with the type of mobile device that you are using. Additionally, you will be able to upload your own songs, share those online and also share contents on the social media pages.

There is a category called the Waptrick short MP3. Unlike the category that allows full MP3 download, you will be able to download just a few seconds of each song or music. This category is particularly helpful in downloading preview of songs and videos. Now, you can download previews and listen to those before making a decision to download the full song.

Given below is a list of steps that you need to follow to be able to download from Waptrick:

Step 1. At first, you need to log in to the website.

Step 2. You need to choose the right category that you need to download from. There are many categories on the website that you can choose from.

Step 3. Once you are there inside a specific category, search for the right song and start the download.

Enjoy unlimited music by downloading media contents from Waptrick.

waptrick music download 

Part 2: The Best Waptrick Music Downloader Alternative

If you are looking for a suitable alternative to downloading audio from the Internet using Waptrick, you must choose a powerful application like iMusic. With the help of this application you will be able to:

  • Download music from over 3000 music sites all across the world.
  • Record music from thousands of music sites, radio stations and software tools.
  • Built-in music library lists out the hottest songs from Spotify for you to download for free.
  • Save both downloaded and recorded music directly to iTunes library for further management.
  • Transfer music between iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phones, iTunes Library, PC and Mac easily.

waptrick music 

How to Download Music with Waptrick Android Music Downloader Alternative

waptrick music upload mp3

Step 1: To use this application, you need to download and install the application free to a device. To download the application you need to download the .dmg files first. Click on it to open the wizard. Now open the software and click "GET MUSIC" > "Download". Open the song you want to download with your web brower. Copy the link of the song and paste it to the download box on iMusic and click "Download".

waptrick music upload

Step 2: After download, you can click "LIBRARY" to check out the downloaded songs. Double-click the song to play it. Or connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android phones to copy these songs to the devices for enjoyment on the way.

Part 3: How to Upload Music to Waptrick

It surely has a large collection of music for free download. You can use your mobile device to browse through all the contents that are there on Waptrick. The website has a huge collection of data that has been categorized by name, date, and type. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is also easy to search and filter out the right contents from the website. If you are planning to expand the media collection of your not-so-smart phone, you can use Waptrick. If your phone is Wap-enabled, you will be able to use Waptrick to download and install various media contents. It is one of the best choices for the people who are looking for free mobile content and also are not using a smartphone. It is a website that has seen millions of downloads in one day. This website is used by users from all over the world to download different types of contents.

For the mobile version of the application, you will get a limited access. Whereas for the desktop version, there is unlimited access to what the app can offer. Waptrick application for each of the platforms performs uniquely. So, you need to choose the application category according to the type of device that you are using.

Waptrick Music Upload:

  1. First go to waptrick.com in any of your web browser, you will see a wapload@yahoo.com email address at bottom side.
  2. Next write the name of the song, video or lyric, as well as the artiste, country and the sharing link of the song (got from Dropbox or 2Share) to this email address.
  3. Indicate Upload of Song/Video/Lyric or any of your files in the email topic, and then click to send.
waptrick music upload app

Download any of your favorite music songs with iMusic Music Downloader, and then upload to Waptrick at anytime!

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