You might wonder to fill your MP3 player with your favorite music for playing anywhere anytime. While it will be a scratching head process to get all your favorite music from music sites and other platforms. This guide is aimed to provide you with 2 ways to download free music for MP3 player without any fuss.

Part 1: What Is MP3 Music Skull?

What Is MP3 Music Skull?

MP3 Music Skull is a free public domain search engine for music. This site allows you to search for and listen to any music and to download copyleft and creative commons license music for free. You can preview the song before downloading or play a video of the song while it is being downloaded.

MP3 Music Skull also allows you to download multiple songs at the same time and all downloaded music will be saved in the computer's default music library. You have the option to play the downloaded songs using your preferred music player or use the built in music player in MP3 Music Skull.

Part 2: MP3 Skull Music Download for Mac and Windows

MP3 Skull Music Downloader for Mac and Windows - iMusic

If you want to download unlimited free MP3 music from, we highly recommend iMusic. With this music downloader, you can just one click to save high-quality MP3 or MP4 music for free in your computer. Whether it's from YouTube, iTunes or Spotify or any music sites, you can capture the music without any fuss. Here are its features:

  • Download any music from 3000+ music sites by copy-n-paste URLs.
  • Record music from thousands of music radio stations, music sites and video sites.
  • Built-in media player that allows you to play music easily and check the audio quality.
  • Transfer music from computer, iTunes Library, Android phones, iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  • Get music information like title, artist, genre and album automatically.

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Simple Steps for MP3 Skull Music Download


What You Will Need:

A Computer;


Time Required:

Very fast (Variable depending on the music file size)




Step 1: Navigate to the Download Window

Download and install iMusic on your computer. It has seperate version for Windows PC and Mac. After then, launch the software. Click "GET MUSIC" > "Download".

Step 2: Start downloading MP3 Skull music

Open and find the songs you want to download. Copy and paste the song URLs respectively to the download box on iSkysoft iMusi download window. Next, setup the format for the music and click Download. It may take you a few seconds for the software to finish the download process.

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