AllMusic is a simple music website. The visitors of the website get the opportunity to access a large pool of information related to music. The information on AllMusic relates to various albums, artists, new releases and much more. Apart from a copious load of information, you will also see reviews of many albums and songs on the website. The reviews will also provide comments on recent releases. However, you cannot hear full-length songs on, you will only be able to hear samples of various soundtracks and can access streaming links as well. AllMusic recommends music and songs related to the ones that you often hear. Similar to other music websites, you can see articles, interviews and videos of a number of artists. You will have music from all sorts of genres including rock, classic and blues.

Since AllMusic does not offer you to download music or hear it on the website itself, it is not possible to listen to the songs you love on AllMusic. However, AllMusic does give you streaming links from where you can hear those songs. Would it be great if you could record whatever you listening from Allmusic? The solution to download music from Allmusic is to use iMusic. This All music recorder will enable you to record any songs that you love from various music sites in a click.

 allmusic recorder 

There are other great features:

• Record music from Allmusic, Pandora, Rdio, Google Play music, and thousands of sites.
• Download audio from more than a thousand video websites.
• Save music to high quality MP3 or M4A without annoying ad.
• Support ID3 tags and get music information like artists, album, and other song details.
• Allow you to export recorded music to iTunes library or burn music to CD.

How to Download Allmusic

The great news is that you can download music from Allmusic with this recorder easily on your computer. Just follow the below steps to start downloading Allmusic:

Step 1: Set up the Allmusic downloader

Download iMusic installation package. The rest of the installation process will be instructed to you by the installation wizard. Complete the installation and open the audio recorder. Just click the “GET MUSIC” button > "Record".

allmusic downloader

Step 2: Start to Download Allmusic

Next, click the red record button at the lower part of the software. and now whatever audio you play, the recorder will detect that and record it automatically. Then go to Allmusic and find the music you want. When you play the music, this smart recorder will start recording the music immediately. It can split the tracks and help you to separate tracks. When finished recording, you can click the “Record” button again to pause.

allmusic downloader

Step 3: Get music information

After downloading the music, the music information will be identified by this Allmusic downloader. You can go to the “Library” tab to check the music. Right click the music and click “Identify” to get music information.

get music information

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