Transferring the songs from iPhone to Android has always been a pesky task. Users cannot directly transfer music from the iPhone to Android using Bluetooth and Android devices does not support the AirDrop. Therefore, you will always have to transfer the music from your iPhone to the computer using an iPhone compatible software, then you will be able to transfer this music content to your Android device. Natively, Apple does not allow the transfer of the music from the iPhone to the Computer unless you have bought the music on your computer. Moreover, if you are using a Mac, the transfer will become very hectic job. Whenever, you will try to transfer the music between your iPhone and iTunes, it will remove all the existing tracks on your iPhone replacing them with the new ones. So, you will need a program which will let you transfer all the music from your iPhone to the Computer and then to Android device without any hassle.

There are few software tools allow you to transfer music from iPhone to Android phone directly, but you can try iMusic. It is your all in one solution to manage music on your Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS devices. Here are its main features you might be interested in.

  • Transfer Music from iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android devices to another Android phone directly (for Windows version).
  • Transfer Music from iTunes Library to Android devices.
  • Built-in music library from popular streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube and 8Track, letting you download songs for free.
  • Record and download audio tracks from different websites and radio stations.
  • Repair all the tracks in your music library, adding the music tags, artist name, song name and even the covers to the songs in your library.

Below are the simple steps for how to transfer music from iPhone to Android. Taking the differences of this feature in iMusic Windows version and Mac version, I’ll mention the details for both of them. Click the link below to see the details you need:

Part 1. How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Android Phone on Windows PC

Step 1. As I have mentioned that iMusic Windows version has the feature of transferring music from device to device directly, so you just need to connect the 2 devices with your computer via USB cables first. When the devices connected successfully, you can see they’re listed in the “DEVICE” window.

Step 2. In the main window of “DEVICE”, you can see the option “Transfer music to other device”. Make sure you have made iPhone listed in the main window first. After then, click the option to transfer all music from iPhone to your Android device.

Step 3(Optional). If you don’t need to transfer all songs from iPhone to Android phone, you can select songs to transfer. To use this feature, make sure your iPhone is listed in the main window of “DEVICE”. Next, click the music icon in the left side of the window to show all songs on iPhone. Tick the checkbox before songs, then click the export icon on the right side > select your Android device to save these songs.

Part 2. How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Android Phone on Mac

For people who use a Mac, they need to use iMusic Mac version to transfer music from iPhone to computer or iTunes Library first, then add these to their Android phone. Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1. First of all, download and install this software in Mac OS X. Now, run it on your computer and connect your iPhone with Mac using a USB cable. Click on the “DEVICE” Tab and here you will see your iPhone. Now, select the “Copy Music from device to iTunes”.
Step 2. On the next screen, select your iPhone and click on the Start button. Now, select the files that you want to copy from your iPhone to the Android library. Here you can select the Audio tracks, videos and even iTunes U content. Once you have selected the required files, click on Transfer to iTunes. After the transfer, reject your iPhone from your computer.

Step 3. Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone with your Mac. Click on the “DEVICE” tab again and this time you will see your Android device. After then, click “LIBRARY” to display all songs in iTunes Library. Check the needed songs and click the export icon, choose “Export to (your device name)”.

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