There are many pretty great playlists on Spotify which have been created by music fans and uploaded for your listening pleasure. No matter what kind of music you’re in to, you are able to search Spotify collaborative playlist, Christmas playlist, workout playlist, running playlist, party playlist, dubstep playlist, club playlist and more.

Part 1: Best Spotify Playlists

1.1 How to Download Spotify Playlist - iMusic


1.2 Top 10 Spotify Collaborative Playlists

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Add to this playlist for the ultimate in laid back LA cool

Jazz playlist at work

• Jazz playlist at work

The only jazz playlist you will ever need, this collaborative playlist features everything from modern jazz by Amy Winehouse and Aloe Blacc to classics by Ella Fitzgerald and James Brown.

Dream Line Up

Dream Line Up

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could decide a festival’s line up by adding to a Spotify playlist? Music festival Roskilde is doing just that, so add to the playlist to help decide who plays this year’s festival.


• #awesomeinternet

#awesomeinternet is a random mix of songs added by strangers via Twitter. The music is varied but guaranteed to raise a smile.

Artists under 1000 followers

• Artists under 1000 followers

Artists under 1000 followers is the perfect destination for those looking for up and coming new artists. All the artists featured in this playlist have less than 1000 followers on Spotify.

Lou Reed 6 Music

Lou Reed 6 Music

Celebrating the best of late legend Lou Reed, add your favourite songs of his here to remember him by.

Alleyways and Railway Bridges

• Alleyways and Railway Bridges

Alleyways and Railway Bridges is a cool, spooky playlist full of the greatest creepy songs, perfect for Halloween or any other time of the year you feel like giving yourself a fright.

A Taste of Europe

A Taste of Europe

If you’re looking for that certain European cool, you can find it here.

Music That Makes You Happy

Music That Makes You Happy

Created by the Twitter Music Club, add songs to this playlist that make you smile.

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

It’s never too early to be thinking about summer, or for planning which songs are going to provide the perfect soundtrack to your summer BBQs.

1.3 Top 10 Spotify Christmas Playlist

The Ultimate Holiday Playlist

• The Ultimate Holiday Playlist

The Ultimate Holiday Playlist features a whopping 330 songs, with all the Christmas songs you’d expect – Mariah’s All I Want For Christmas Is You, White Christmas, Jingle Bell Rock all feature here to help you rock around that Christmas tree.

Folksy Christmas

• Folksy Christmas

Folksy Christmas is a playlist showcasing another side of Christmas music, featuring unique takes on traditional Christmas songs reimagined as well as original holiday songs by Martha Wainwright, Mumford & Sons, Emmy the Great and many more.

Christmas Classical

• Christmas Classical

Christmas Classical is a mix of 80 choral and orchestral Christmas songs including Ave Maria and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy – perfect to add a little class to your Christmas festivities.

Glee Christmas

• Glee Christmas

For the Glee fan in all of us, Glee Christmas is a complete collection of all of the Glee Cast’s Christmas covers, from Let It Snow to Little Drummer Boy and more modern songs like Happy Xmas (War Is Over).

Pop Christmas

• Pop Christmas

If you’re a 90s baby then chances are your choice of Christmas listening was more Backstreet Boys than Bing Crosby. There are 58 forgotten Christmas gems in Pop Christmas.

Soulful Christmas

• Soulful Christmas

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you have to give up on your street cred. Ok, so proclaiming your love for Santa may not be the coolest thing ever but somehow a whole host of soul and rnb superstars manage it in Soulful Christmas, featuring festive frolicks from Boyz II Men, Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton.

Christmas Lullabies

• Christmas Lullabies

If you’ve got children, chances are you know how excited Christmas can make them. Send them off to sleep with the help of this Christmas Lullabies of 160 classic lullabies with a festive twist.

BBC 6 Music’s alterative Christmas

• BBC 6 Music’s alterative Christmas

If you’re not really into cheesy Christmas songs, you needn’t look much further than this BBC 6 Music’s alternative playlist which has been curated by BBC Radio 6 Music DJs including Mark Radcliffe, Mary Anne Hobbs and Lauren Laverne.

WOW Christmas Deluxe Edition

• WOW Christmas Deluxe Edition

The true meaning of Christmas can be lost among all the presents, food and family squabbles over board games so get back to basics with this WOW Christmas Deluxe Edition of contemporary Christian music.

Hipster Christmas

Hipster Christmas

Too cool for Christmas songs? Think again with help from Fiona Apple, Coldplay and Slow Club.

1.4 Top 5 Spotify Workout Playlists

Workout for Normals

If you’re new to exercise or just don’t want to overdo it, check out this Spotify motivating playlist which is all gain and no pain.                

Power Workout

This Spotify workout playlist full of energetic hip hop will keep you going when your legs just want to give up.                                         

Ultimate Workout Playlist 2014

Catch up on this year’s hottest new music as you’re up in the gym just working on your fitness.                                                              

Beast Mode

As opening act Method Man says, it’s time to bring the pain with this Spotify Beast Mode playlist ready to fuel you through your most   
intense workouts. Go hard or go home.

Hipster Workout

If you’re tired of your gym pumping out hour after hour of Top 40 pop music this Spotify Hipster Workout playlist will provide you with   
a different beat to workout to.

1.5 Top 5 Spotify Running Playlist

NOW Running 2014

• NOW Running 2014

NOW Running 2014 have worked with top fitness experts to come up with the ultimate collection of music that will see you from warm up to cool down perfectly.

Running Low Tempo

• Running Low Tempo

If you’re just starting out and are new to running, chances are you’re not going to be worrying Usain Bolt too much. This Spotify Running Low Tempo playlist will start you off nicely and is timed to a pace of around 7 minutes per km.

Running High Tempo

• Running High Tempo

If you’re ready for the next step and want to ramp up your training to go after those personal bests, this Spotify playlist will help to pace you for a 5.30-6 minute km.

Run Chloe Run!

• Run Chloe Run!

This Spotify playlist was created by Fearne Cotton’s radio show to help listener Chloe run a marathon and if that’s your aim you can find your motivation here in the form of classic rock and inspirational lyrics.

Songs About Running

Songs About Running

If you literally want to listen about running while you run, this is a playlist of the finest 20 songs about running, including Running Up That Hill, Born To Run and Run Like Hell.

1.6 Top 10 Spotify Party Playlists

Teen Party

Teen Party

Perfect for teens, grab your friends and party on down to the hottest hits around.

Mixed Generation Party

• Mixed Generation Party

It can be difficult to know what to play at a party where there are people of all ages, but this Spotify playlist makes it really easy to cater to all ages and ensures that everyone will be on the dancefloor.

90s Just The Best

• 90s Just The Best

Recently it seems that everyone is getting nostalgic for the 90s, so indulge those 90s babies with this awesome Spotify party playlist filled with the best 90s hits.


• Pre-Party

Get into the party spirit with this awesome pre-party playlist.

After Party At My Crib

• After Party At My Crib

We’ve all had those nights where we don’t want the party to end, so keep the mood going with this after party playlist.

Pink Nation Ultimate Dance Party Playlist

Pink Nation Ultimate Dance Party Playlist

From the ladies at Victoria’s Secret, this playlist is perfect for a fun and flirty Spring Break having fun back home with old friends.

Cocktails & Dreams

Cocktails & Dreams

If you’re slightly more grown up and have progressed from all-nighters at your local nightclub to hosting sophisticated cocktail parties, this is the playlist for you to create a smooth atmosphere.

50s Party

50s Party

Get all dressed up in your best pinup dresses, curl your hair and take to the floor, Grease style, with this retro 50s party playlist.

Hipster Dance Party

• Hipster Dance Party

So you may be too cool for popular party hits but that doesn’t mean you can’t get down on the dancefloor with the best of them. This hipster dance party playlist is sure to get your feet tapping.

Slow Dance

Slow Dance

Having a great time at a party isn’t all about high tempo, energetic dance music. For a romantic party, perhaps at a wedding, encourage guests to slow dance with this selection of sweet songs.

1.7 Top 5 Dubstep Playlists

Dubstep Top Tracks

This playlist is constantly updated with the latest popular dubstep tracks and is a good introduction to the world of dubstep.                    

Melodic Dubstep

If you think dubstep is all just noise then open your mind with this playlist, featuring the best of melodic dubstep.                                      

Dubstep: Go Hard or Go Home

Move on to some hardcore dubstep with this introduction to music that really showcases what the genre is all about.                               

Dubstep Remixes

This playlist features dubstep remixes of popular songs from Michael Jackson, Ellie Goulding and Katy Perry among others.                   

Female Vocal Dubstep

Experience a new take on dubstep with some of the most luscious female vocals around.                                                                          

1.8 Top 5 Spotify Club Playlists

Hip Hop Club Bangers

Hip Hop Club Bangers

Exactly as it sounds, Hip Hop Club Bangers is a constantly updated playlist bursting full of the latest and greatest hip hop club hits.

Boogie Groove

Boogie Groove – 80s Club Classics

If you like things to get a little bit retro when you’re hitting the club then this playlist is for you.

Deep House Essentials

Deep House Essentials

This playlist lasts for 17 HOURS so you’ll never run out of the best deep house cuts for the perfect soundtrack to your night.

The Sound of the Clubs

• Club Music: The Sound of the Clubs

This playlist is updated regularly with the latest sounds fresh from the clubs, featuring remixes of current hits and long mixes of the hottest new club track.



This playlist is the best collection of club music for those who prefer underground clubs and more obscure music.

Part 2: Tips to Enjpoy the Great Spotify Playlists

search Spotify playlist

2.1 How to Searh Good Spotify Playlist

There are many websites dedicated to Spotify playlists and searching on the most popular websites is sure to guide you towards some pretty great playlists, no matter what kind of music you’re in to. and are two of the most popular places to find new playlists, ones which have been created by music fans and uploaded for your listening pleasure.

It used to be pretty difficult to search for playlists on Spotify but last year the company finally made it easy by integrating their Discover section. Spotify has worked hard to come up with hundreds upon hundreds of playlists tailored for every music genre, event or mood you can think of, and if you click on the Discover tab on the left hand menu you will be stumbling into a whole new world of music discovery. There’s everything you could need here: playlist selections include music perfect for bathtime, music to cheer you up when feeling down, songs to sing in the shower and even a ‘Better Off Without You’ playlist to help mend a broken heart after a breakup.

Another way to find Spotify playlists is to search for whatever you’re in the mood for via the main search bar. For example, if you were to search for Katy Perry, scrolling down past the albums will reveal a whole list of playlists she features on – and this can be a good way to find out what other fans are listening to.

2.2 How to Share Spotify Playlists

When you find or create a great Spotify playlst, it’s only natural that you’d want to share it with the world. Luckily Spotify makes it extremely easy for you to do so. All you have to do is right click your playlist and choose from the options presented – you can copy a HTTP link which will open Spotify (and the playlist) when clicked, a URI link which friends can copy straight into Spotify to find the playlist, an embed code for blogs or forums, or you can post directly to Facebook or Twitter via the ‘share’ option.

spotify playlist 

2.3 How to Generate Spotify Playlist

Creating new Spotify playlists is incredibly easy. Create a new playlist by clicking the ‘new playlist’ option in the left sidebar menu (you might have to scroll down a little to see this) and give your playlist a name. Then, search for the songs you wish to include and drag them to the new playlist. Alternatively you can right click each song or album and choose the ‘add to…’ option to choose which playlist to add the track to. Playlists are automatically saved, so you can dip in and out of creating new ones as you please. To create a collaborative playlist so that other Spotify users can add their own tracks to the list, right click on the name of your playlist and select ‘collaborative playlist’. A tick will then be displayed next to this option and your friends will be free to add tracks.

generate spotify playlist 

If you think creating playlists is too much effort, add the app Lazify to your Spotify dashboard. Lazify is a version of iTunes’ Genius made especially for Spotify which generates playlists based on any song you choose. All you do is drag the song of your choice to Lazify and it takes care of the rest, leaving you with an expertly chosen playlist for you to enjoy with all the work taken out.

2.4 How to Play Spotify Playlist

When you’ve found a Spotify playlist you want to listen to on the web, there are several ways to play it. If it’s a HTTP link Spotify will open when it this is clicked and automatically begin playing the playlist. A URI link, which is usually just a string of numbers and letters, is to be pasted straight into Spotify’s search bar which will then direct you straight to the music.

2.5 How to Export Spotify Playlists

When you’ve spent so long curating the perfect Spotify playlist, it’s a little daunting to know that Spotify does not offer any built in support for backing up or exporting playlists as plain text. This is a feature that Spotify users have requested time and time again, so hopefully sometime in the future it will become much easier to keep a list of playlists just in case something happens to your Spotify account.

But for now, some talented coders have come up with various ways to export playlists as plain text files so that you can keep a record of that perfect song arrangement or party playlist. One of the more successful ones is Spotify-Export by coder jlund which is a simple script that can back up your playlist information. It can be downloaded here.

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