Listening to soulful music raises inquiry. We desire to know the name of the artist and the name of the album. We may also want to see the album cover and wish to track the date and language. The YouTube video link and download link are information that we must have. Earlier if we needed any such information we used to take the help of Google. If the words of the song could be got correctly we could get details of the song. If the words could not be availed, getting information would become difficult.

However, technology has made much progress and today we don't need to panic for any information related to a track. There are a number of music recognition app for Android available that can easily perform this complicated task of music recognition. This becomes all the easier with the smartphones and android devices. The Android music recognition apps are completely compatible with these devices. The music that needs to be recognised is just played on the computer or any player or hummed before the app, and within no time the app displays relevant information- album name, artist's name, download link, YouTube link and also the lyric of the particular track. It can also display the correct album cover.


1. Shazam:

The highly reputed name in the Android music recognition apps is the name of Shazam. It is a wonderful app that recognizes all lyrics with various difficulty levels. Whether the music is played on the recorder or on the TV or just hummed by the user, this app provides complete information. It recognises the songs correctly. It displays the perfectly correct Album cover. It also displays the download link and the correct YouTube video streaming link.

Shazam app also helps the users to tap the follow button and follow favourite artists. This in turn provides the user with the useful facts related to newly released songs and albums.

The Shazam app facilitates the exploration of new recommended songs and most famous songs in a particular place. These discoveries and information can be shared on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and WhatsApp.

sound hound

2. Sound Hound

The next name in the category of music recognition app for Android is that of the Sound Hound. It can very quickly and very easily identify the music played in its periphery. It comes with an orange button. When music is played near this app and the orange button is pressed, it provides the users with every detail of the song. The user gets the lyric along with the name of the artist, the date of release and automatic YouTube search. The user can also hum the song to receive the detailed info. As such it is a smart app and in case a player is not at hand and the user gets curious about an anonymous song or tune, he can satisfy his curiosity within seconds by humming the tune.

It is a free app perfectly compatible for Android devices. The app gives the user the unique experience of sharing the identified lyrics and discovered info with friends on social media sites. It also provides the beneficial materials related to preview, download links and famous songs of favourite artists.

track id

3. Track ID

Track ID is yet another very intelligent music identifier app for android devices. Like Shazam and Sound Hound it can also provide you the satisfaction of getting every detail of your favourite track. You will be able to get all you want to know of the anonymous song that has touched your soul. This app takes only a few moments to offer you the lyrics, the name and genre of the song, the name of the artist, the Album Cover, the download link and the YouTube link. However at times it has been reported to have shown errors in identifying the Album Cover. Though after a few more attempts, this is revealed correctly.

This App helps music lovers to discover new artists and new tracks. It also facilitates sharing of music and music related discoveries on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.


4. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is a music recognition app with a difference. It is an immensely huge collection of lyrics that allows you to add songs to your music library. At the same time you can also identify the details of the lyrics.

This app provides the lyrics in the centre of the phone. It recognises the songs very correctly but at times makes mistakes in showing the Album Cover. Even if the songs are in non-English languages and very old versions, the app is successful in coming up with the correct details.

It is a great app for music lovers.

5. iMusic

iMusic is also a unique app that helps in making perfect music recognition. This app is meant for free downloading of music from various music websites and enjoying it at any time and at any place. Users can download online lyrics and music and have the pleasure of listening while being offline. The music identification features of this audio recorder are excellent and unique. It comes with the ID3 Technology that helps in identification of the recorded songs. The songs get automatically tagged with various information of title, Artists, Album, Genre and relevant dates.

Users can download free music from YouTube, Pandora, Rhapsody, Yahoo Music, BBC Radio and many other websites and music streaming platforms. The ads get filtered and removed by themselves. More than 3000 music sites and radio stations have the support of this very special iMusic.

These five music recognition apps are very popular and are being used by millions of people world- wide. You can also try them for unique pleasure of getting details of your favourite music.

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