When using Audacity to record or edit audio files, you may encounter some problems. The following are the 5 common Audacity problems on recording and editing and the solutions on how to solve them.

1. "Error while opening sound device"

When you are using Audacity on Windows operating system, you may get an error that says, "Error while opening sound device". You are likely to experience this problem when using Audacity for recording or editing for the first time and there are no input devices showing in the toolbar. It could be because of a problem with Audacity or your operating system.

To solve it, you will need to check Audacity settings by going to Help, and then Audio Device Info. Another way to check the sound settings in this application is by going to Transport, and then "Software Play-through (on/off)", and then make sure that this setting is disabled. If Audacity is okay, you can try checking the operating system settings and make sure that sound settings are enabled. You should also make sure that sound device drivers and firmware are up to date.

2. Echo or Delays When Listening To Recordings

This problem is usually caused by Software Playthrough. It causes a delay of the active recording input because of the amount of time that it takes before reaching your microphone. However, Software Playthrough has its benefits too. You will find it to be useful when the recording device and playback device are different.

To get rid of the echo or delays while listening to what you have recorded, you will simply need to turn off Software Playthrough. You can do this by going to Edit, and then Preferences, and then Recording, and then "Software Play-through (on/off)". Make sure that the tick is removed to turn off Software Play-through.

3. Recordings Fading Out or Sounding As If They are Recorded In a Hole

You are likely to get this problem when you are using Windows machines. It can also happen occasionally on newer Mac machines. It is usually because of the sound device of the machine that you are using trying to apply a corrective enhancement or effect on the audio file.

To solve this problem on a Windows machine, the following is what you will need to do.

Step1. Locate the Speaker icon on the computer and then right click on it.

Step2. Choose Recording Devices in order to open Recording tab of "Sound".

Step3. Right click over the microphone that you are using to record, and then choose Properties.

Step4. Look for the Enhancements tab and then disable the sound effects that may be contributing to the problem.

On a Mac PC, you will need to navigate to the Apple Menu, and then choose System preferences. After that, go to Hardware, and then Sound. Under the "Input" tab, make sure that the "Use Ambient Noise Reduction" check box is marked.

4. Track Not in Sync with Previous Ones

This problem occurs when you are trying to make on overdub recording, which simply refers to listening to a track while you are still recording another one. The computer cannot figure out what is being recorded at the exact same time that you sing to the beat. In an attempt to correct this latency, Audacity automatically pushes the track that is already recorded backwards when the recording process is over.

To fix this issue you will need to make sure that your sound device drivers' are up to date. You should also make sure that the sound drivers are specifically meant for the particular operating system or computer model that you are using. You can also fix this issue by going to Effects in Audacity. And then change the recording speed accordingly.

5. Recording Keeps Pausing Automatically

This problem might occur if "Sound Activated Recording" is enabled accidentally. It is found under the Transport Menu. It might also occur if the active recording input is set somehow below the required threshold level at which the recording must begin.

To solve this problem, you will simply need to make sure that "Sound Activated Recording" is disabled. To do this, you will need to go to Transport in the menu bar, and then look for "Sound-Activated Recording (on/off)". Make sure that it is off. You can also fix this issue by reducing the "Activation level" or increasing the recording level by going to Transport, and then Sound Activation Level.

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