Are you looking for an add-on for Mozilla Firefox to download YouTube to MP3? The only advantage of using Add-ons for Firefox that you will not have to open the online service or download a program on your computer, yet you can quickly add the download button to the YouTube videos and they can be downloaded with one click regardless of your computer. Here’s our list of best YouTube to MP3 Add-ons to convert or download YouTube videos for Firefox.

Part 1. Download YouTube to MP3 by Copy-n-Paste YouTube Link

Best YouTube to MP3 Downloader - iMusic

iMusic is a user-friendly, cross platform, one-click downloading software to download MP3 tracks from the YouTube. It does not only work with the YouTube, but it can also download MP3 from more than 300 different websites. It also provides a built-in web browser to visit YouTube and download tracks without any problem. Moreover, another unique feature present in iMusic is the “Recorder” which can record track from any website. You will not even have to enter the information of the track; all the details will be automatically added. Apart from downloading, other unique feature includes transferring the Audio tracks to the iTunes Library, iPhone or Android Phone. Download iMusic free version to have a try!

Part 2. Top 8 YouTube to MP3 Add-ons for Firefox

1. YouTubeMP3

YouTubeMP3 is one of the simplest add-on available for the Firefox. it will simple to add the MP3 button right above the video. By clicking on the button, it will automatically start downloading the MP3 on Mozilla Firefox and you can save the MP3 on your computer. It does not show the MP3 quality on the screen but after using this Add-on, we can say that quality was not that bad after all. Look at the screenshot added below to look for the download button.


  • Simplest-one click operation to download button
  • Instantly download MP3 from the YouTube


  • Cannot change the quality of the MP3 track
  • No option to download videos
  • Does not work with any other video streaming website

Ratings: 3/5

firefox youtube mp3 

2. Simple YouTube MP3 Button

Just like its name, Simple YouTube MP3 button will add a button just below the YouTube videos. So, you will not have to change your settings or leave the video. Simply click on the downloadMP3 button and a new bar will be shown on the screen asking you to download MP3 on your computer. Once the download process is complete, it will launch Firefox downloader where you can select the location of the output MP3 file.


  • 1-Click Method to download highest quality YouTube to MP3
  • No settings to mess with


  • No option to download MP3 from third party video sharing website
  • Only download MP3 files
  • Doesn’t download the videos from YouTube
  • Cannot download MP3 longer 20 seconds

Ratings: 3.5/4

firefox youtube to mp3 

3. YouTube Best Video Downloader 2

It is one of very few YouTube Downloader available for Firefox which allows downloading MP3 or high quality videos from YouTube. Like other Add-ons, it will add a simple button just below the YouTube video. You will be able to select the output quality for the video or can select the highest quality for the Audio.


  • Offers to download MP3 or Mp4 from YouTube videos
  • Choose from different available settings


  • Only one option to download MP3 songs
  • Does not work with the lengthier songs

Ratings: 4/5

youtube to mp3 firefox 

4. Multi YouTube MP3

This Add-on is offered by the and it works pretty much like other Add-ons mentioned above. It will also add a big button just below the Video and by clicking on the button, you will be able to select the MP3 or Mp4 to download on your computer. The output quality is also very good and the button works pretty much fast as compared to other converters.


  • Quick, fast, easy to access
  • One-click download option to convert and download MP3 tracks


  • No option to choose Bitrate
  • The output quality is not that good

Ratings: 3.5/5

youtube mp3 firefox 

5. is a famous web service which allows you to convert or download MP3 from the YouTube videos. This Add-on is not present in the Mozilla Firefox Add-on store, however, you can download it from their official website. It will add two buttons just below the video, you can select one of these to download MP3 or Mp4 for the video.


  • Option to navigate to the official website
  • Can even select the Bitrate or start and end point for the track
  • Download lengthMP3 tracks from the website


  • No on-screen option to select the Bitrate for song
  • Takes a lot of time to convert the YouTube Video

Ratings: 4/5

firefox youtube mp3 downloader 

6. YouTube Video and Audio Downloader

It is not just another Add-on to download YouTube to MP3 files, yet is a complete program which will let you download the videos from the YouTube and then using another program on your computer, you will be able to convert them to MP3 files. In other words, it is a standalone program which will let you select from all the available qualities of a particular video. This program needs FFmpeg on Windows computer to work properly.


  • Plenty of options to download MP3 or Videos from YouTube
  • Supports all famous Audio and Video formats
  • Provides separate Program to convert Videos to MP3


  • Complicated user-interface
  • Not suitable for everyone to install
  • No 1-Click download option available

Ratings: 3/5

youtube mp3 downloader firefox 

7. Mp3 Junkie

It will let you convert and download any MP3 file from the YouTube, although the Add-on will add a button on the bottom of the video. But by clicking on the newly added button of the Add-on, it will redirect you to their website. Here you can add the URL of the YouTube songs.


  • Quick and reliable way to download MP3 tracks


  • No 1-click operation for the extension
  • Have to use Website to download MP3 tracks

Ratings: 3/5

youtube mp3 download firefox 

8. YouTube MP3 Podcaster

The last tool in the list is useful for all those users who are fan of Podcasts and want to download Lengthier MP3 from the YouTube. Like all other tools, this tool will add a small icon next to the address bar and there is an option to adjust the setting for the Output MP3 tracks. After conversion, a new dialogue box will appear to adjust the settings for the Output track.


  • Clean, Straightforward interface
  • Useful to download MP3 Podcasts from YouTube
  • Also provide settings to adjust the bitrate of MP3


  • No options to change ID3 tags of the song
  • No options to change ID3 tags of the song

Ratings: 4/5

youtube to mp3 addon firefox 

Part 3. Limitations of Add-on for Firefox to Download YouTube to MP3

Although the free Add-ons seem to be very useful yet all of them have certain limitations. First of all, there is no Add-on to download the Playlists from the YouTube and no option to edit the ID3 tags for the songs. Secondly, you cannot change the bit rate of theMP3. Thirdly, they do no work with theMP3 songs longer than 20 minutes. All such limitations can be overcome using iMusic for Windows or Mac OS X.

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