Whether for free or by paying, more and more people are downloading music collections from the internet. With so many advantages of owning a music Downloader, it's no wonder that many Android users are searching for the best music downloader software. Music lovers can find their favorite tunes easier, download or stream millions of free songs in just a few seconds. In this article, I’m going to introduce you the best 15 music downloader for Android Phones.

#1. iMusic (desktop software) - Best All-in-one Music Downloader/Transfer

iMusic with a super minimalist and straightforward design. Once launched, users will find plenty of ways to get ahold of music for streaming or downloading. Despite being simple and highly-accessible, iMusic is the most advanced music Downloader for Android phones.

  • The search option allows users to download and stream songs from over 3000 music sites.
  • Its unique build-in library is perfect for streaming and downloading songs that are classified according to genres, artists, playlists or top lists.
  • Audiophiles always be able to transfer playlists from their laptop/desktop PC to their phone or vice-versa. Each user has the opportunity to transfer songs/ playlists from iTunes to Android device or to back-up songs from Android to iTunes library, just like they do with an iOS device.
  • The songs can be transferred from iPhone, iPad or iPad to any Android phone or shared music between Android phones and tablets.
  • Users can record the songs they like, from any music software or station, by tapping the "REC" button. Also, a user can share music between Android phones and tablets.

Step-by-step guide for how to download music with iMusic

Step 1. Download, install, and open iMusic on your mobile device. When your software is launched, tap the "GET MUSIC" on the left side of your upper screen, after that, click the "DISCOVER" button. There are 2 possibilities to download music.
Step 2. Build-in music library allows you to find thousands of songs and playlists.

a. If you want to download a song, you can search it by genres or artists, find it, then click the download button.

b. If you want to download a playlist, you need to tap the download button beside the playlists. Then you have to discover the songs from the playlist in the pop-up window, select the format: "MP3" or "MP4", and click download.

Step 3. iMusic allows you to download music from other 3000 music sites. To download the music, you need to click "GET MUSIC" icon, then "DOWNLOAD". Then you will see a URL paste box and accesses to other sites. Copy the URL of the song and paste URL into the URL paste box, select the desired format and click "DOWNLOAD".
Step 4. After the download, you can click “LIBRARY”in the main window of iMusic. Next, click the download icon on the left side of the window to check out all downloaded songs.

It is among the most downloaded free music software from Google Play store. It has an average rating of 4.3. Users can search radio music stations, stream online radios and download their favorite music for free.

It is a high rated free music software that allows people to search, manage and share their music, photos or documents with others. Its pre-installed music player makes it easier for users to listen to music from the app only. The app is rated with 4.3.

It has almost 50 thousand downloads, with an average rating of 3.9. This app is not free, but for the first month, users can enjoy their subscription for free.

It is another good free music software for Android devices. The app is rated with 3.3 stars, there is no official website for this product, but it has quick search, free and fast mp3 download/ stream and Royalty free music.

This app is probably the most downloaded music software for mobile devices, users have to buy a subscription to get on-demand access to over 35 million songs. They can explore and subscribe to podcasts, add personal collections and music to listen offline. Google Play Music has an average rating of 3.9.

It is among the most popular music softwares for mobile devices, but according to user reviews it's quite slow. The average rating is 3.3. The features include: music player, Downloader, and ringtones. It is completely free and there is no official website for it.

This is a good app to discover new music based on your likes, connect with your favourite artists and friends, listen to free music or pay to download it. Users can also find live recordings and mixes.

This app comes with a free music player and comes with a great selection of hits. Users can search, stream, download music and create playlists of their favourite songs for free.

It is a good app to search and download music by genre. Users are allowed to download songs for free or add their favourite music into libraries. There is no official website for this software yet.

It is perfect for listening to music during workouts, it has many features and allows users to download free songs.

With Advanced Download Manager Pro audiophiles can search and download up to three files simultaneously and for free. This app is perfect for multitasking. Developers haven't launched an official website yet.

The app allows users to search, download and listen songs for free, but since the songs are from artists who give their tracks for free, we won't find any commercial music there.

It is a music software for Android phones. Like many other mp3 apps, it allows searching for music by albums, artists or genre. Mp3 Music Downloader is not gratis, audiophiles can get a free month of unlimited music. Unfortunately, it has an average rating of 2.3 and users complain that it has too many ads.

It is yet great music software for Android. Its features include: streaming online music, download free music and offline music player.

Each customer has the option to choose from plenty of music Downloader Apps. So he needs to analyze the features of every tool according to his specific preferences. Users can check the ratings and comments posted by other users, in order to evaluate the quality and description of each tool.

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