SoundCloud is a distribution platform, which enables the users to market their originally created sounds. They can record, promote, and share the uploaded sounds. It is an excellent platform for all the music creators who wish to spread their message to others and expect to rise in the world of music. Of course, the platform has millions of songs and sounds that are soothing and soul-refreshers. However, SoundCloud does not allow any individual to download the songs from their platform, making it difficult for those who wish to have a good collection.

Part 1: Best SoundCloud Downloader – Download SoundCloud to MP3

Are you looking at different ways to download sounds or songs from SoundCloud? Well, you are at the right place! iMusic helps you download all the songs or sounds from the platform in a few simple steps. The application excels in the field of downloading music from the Internet, with access to all the popular sites including SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, VIMEO, and others. The application is a single solution for all your music requirements. Why? Well, with this software, you are not only downloading music from the Internet and SoundCloud, but also gain the possibility to transfer the downloaded collection directly to your Android or iOS device without any mediator! The following are the amazing features of the program:

1. Discover – allows you to search for all your favorite music right from the app by artists name, genre, songs, or even playlists. Apart from listening to the songs, you can use the download option to download them freely to your computer.

2. Download – assists in downloading music from over 3,000 sites that include all the top charting sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Pandora, Vimeo, and others. You can directly download the music and save them to your iTunes library for easy management. You can simply copy the link of the song that you wish to download from SoundCloud and paste it into the app. Click the download button, and you will have the song waiting for you in your Download folder! It’s as simple as that!

3. Record – record all the streaming music on the Internet. For instance, SoundCloud does not allow you to download the songs or sounds from their website but allows you listen to them online. In such cases, you can use the Record feature within the application and start recording from the site.

4. Transfer – Move the downloaded songs from a computer to iOS device and Android device directly. It bypasses the restriction imposed by iTunes and provides the freedom that is necessary for a user to move their favorite music freely.

Part2: Step-by-step Guide for How to Download SoundCloud to MP3

Step-by-Step Guide for How to Use iMusic to Download Music from SoundCloud

Step 1: You can download the free trial of the software by visiting the official website of iMusic. After finishing the installation, launch the program. The program appears with its primary screen displaying a hoard of options. From the menu bar, click the “Get Music” option and press the “Download” tab. You will notice the following window.

Step 2: You can open SoundCloud website and search for the song that you wish to download. Now, copy the link of the same and paste it in the box provided in the application. Choose the output format of the audio and click the Download button to save the file on your computer at preferred location.

Step 3: After completion of the download, you can check the list of the songs in the iTunes Library directly. Click the Library icon from the menu bar to gain access to the music list.

Part 3. How to Record Music from SoundCloud to MP3

Step-by-Step Guide For How to Use iMusic to Record Songs from SoundCloud

Step 1:The initial step is similar to that of the previous guide. You have to download and install the free trial of the software from the official site. After launching the program, from the main window, choose “Get Music” tab from the menu bar. Under this, select “Record” feature.

Step 2: Now, press the Record button from the window to begin recording the song that you wish to save from SoundCloud website. Open SoundCloud site from your preferred browser and navigate to the song that you want to download and store it on your computer. As soon as you start playing the song, iSkysoft will detect it automatically and begins recording the song. In the same time, the program will automatically add ID3 data such as artist name, album art, year, and other information. The process will make it easy to search for songs in iTunes library. iSkysoft will save the recorded song directly to the iTunes Library for quick media management.

Step 3: To see the recorded songs within your iTunes Library, you can click the Library tab from the menu bar within the app. It will then display the songs recorded and saved in the iTunes Library folder. You can now begin transferring them to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and Android devices directly after establishing a connection. You simply select the songs and click the export button to transfer them to the desired device.

With the features and the ease of operation provided by iMusic, you can quickly download all your favorite songs from SoundCloud in a few simple steps as explained above. The option of saving the songs directly to iTunes Library is an added advantage, which gives you the control to transfer them to any device you like at any time.

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