Transfer Music

1. Android to Device
  1. 1.1 Transfer Music from Android to iPod
  2. 1.2 Transfer Music from Google Play to Android
  3. 1.3 Transfer MP3 to Android
  4. 1.4 Transfer Music from Android to Android
  5. 1.5 Transfer Music from Android to Computer
  6. 1.6 Transfer Music from Android to iPhone
2. iPod to Device
  1. 2.1 Transfer MP3 to iPod
  2. 2.2 Transfer Music from iPad to iPhone
  3. 2.3 Transfer Music from iPod to Android
  4. 2.4 Transfer Music from iPad to Computer
  5. 2.5 Transfer Music from iPad to iPad
  6. 2.6 Transfer Music from iPod to iPad
  7. 2.7 Transfer Songs and Videos from iPod Classic to Mac
  8. 2.8 Transfer Music from CD to iPod
3. iPhone to Device
  1. 3.1 Transfer Music to iPhone
  2. 3.2 Put Music to iPhone
  3. 3.3 Switch from iPhone to Android
  4. 3.4 Sync iPhone Ford Sync
  5. 3.5 Transfer Music from iPhone to Android
4. Computer to Device
  1. 4.1 Transfer Music from Computer to Android
  2. 4.2 Stream Music from PC to Android
  3. 4.3 Transfer Music from Mac to Android
  4. 4.4 Transfer Music from Mac to iPad
5. Transfer Spotify
  1. 5.1 Move Spotify to SD Card
  2. 5.2 Transfer Spotify Music to USB for Playing in the Car
6. Windows Media Player
  1. 6.1 Add Music to Windows Media Player
  2. 6.2 Transfer Music from Windows Media Player to iPhone
  3. 6.3 Transfer Songs from Windows Media Player to iPod
7. Others
  1. 7.1 Apple TV Music Streaming
  2. 7.2 Music Players for Mac El Capitan
  3. 7.3 Connect Android Phone to Mac
  4. 7.4 Solutions to iPhone Playlists Not Syncing
  5. 7.5 Free Music Apps for iPhone
  6. 7.6 How to Use Android Beam
  7. 7.7 Android Music Manager Software
  8. 7.8 Xbox Music App for Android

Transferring MP3 music to Android Phones has never been a pesky task. There are three basic ways of transferring the Mp3 music from computer to Android Phone. The first one is using iMusic which is by far the easiest way to transfer music from a particular folder or iTunes Library to your Android Phone. The second one is using the Google Play Music app which will let you upload the music to the online library and then the music will be shown on Google Play Music app on your Android Phone. The Third method is using the manual method which is just like copying music from your computer to a USB or SD Card. Here’s how you can use each way to transfer the MP3 to Android Phone.

Part 1. iMusic – Best Way to Transfer MP3 Music to Android Phone[Easiest Way]

iMusic is a cross-platform, multi-purpose and all-in-one music manager for Windows and Mac OS X. From discovering new music to downloading favorite tracks and transferring them to your Android Phone, iMusic will do everything for you. Besides, the best feature in this program is the recording and downloading music from famous music streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora. Yes, this has never been possible with any software before and it will automatically save these tracks to the music library on your computer. If a music track is recorded in iMusic, it will also search and add the perfect Tag ID3 for the songs and will also add artworks to your music. Here’s the complete guide to transfer music to Android Phones using iMusic.

Step by Step Guide to Transfer MP3 Music to Android Phones via iMusic:

Step 1.Click the download button to get the latest version of iMusic on your computer. After installation, launch the program and connect your Android Phone with the computer. Make sure to enable the USB debugging on your Android Phone while connecting with the iMusic. Once the connection is successful, you will see a new Android device in iMusic.

transfer mp3 to android

Step 2. If your MP3 songs are in your iTunes library, then you can click option “Transfer Music from iTunes to Device” .This will open another window in iMusic. You can also select the Music, Videos, Movies, TV Shows or the Playlists that you want to transfer to your Android phone by clicking “Library”, then clicking the music icon on the left side to select songs to transfer.

transfer music from android to mp3 player

Step 3. To transfer MP3 files from computer to the Android phone, you need to click “DEVICE” first, then click the music icon on the left side of iMusic. It will display all songs on your Android phone. From there, click the “Add” option on the top right. Browse your computer, select MP3 songs and click “OK” to transfer them to your Android phone.

transfer mp3 to android phone

Video Tutorial: iMusic- How to Transfer Music from Computer to Android Easily

Why Choose iMusic

deezer downloader 2018

You can download unlimited free music from 3000 music sites, radio stations and online video sites in one click.

Get high quality music

deezer downloader 2018

iMusic records the audio directly from the sound card of your computer. It means you can get music with 100% original quality.

Identify music information

deezer downloader 2018

It comes with ID3 tag technology and can tag the music with album, artist, genre and more.

Multiple export ways

deezer downloader 2018

You can directly export the Deezer music to iTunes library or burn the recorded Deezer songs to CD.

Part 2. Transfer Music from Google Google Play Music

Google Play Music is basically a service offered by the Google Music which will let you save songs on the cloud for free of cost. You can upload the tracks to Google Play Music account on your computer and can later launch the application to see those tracks. This option is suitable for those users who have a good Wi-Fi connection and does not have the USB cable to transfer using first or last method. Here’s how you can use this method;

Step by Step guide to Transfer Mp3 Songs to Android Phones using Google Play Music:

Step 1.Open Web browser on your computer and go to This will take you to the main page of the Google Music. On the left panel of the page, scroll down to the bottom and click on “Upload Music”. On the new Windows, “Select from your computer” and select the tracks that you want to upload to your Music library on Google Play Music. Wait to complete the upload process.

transfer mp3 to android

Step 2. On your Android Phone, Download the Google Play Music Application and open it. Go to your Music library and here you will see all the tracks that you uploaded in the previous step. You can also save these tracks to listen them in offline mode.

transfer music from android to mp3 player

Part 3. Step by Step guide to transfer Mp3 Songs to Android Manually:

This method is most commonly used method to transfer the songs to the Android Phone which does not require any third party songs and all you need to have is a USB cable and Android Phone. Here’s how this method will work:

Step 1.Connect your Android Phone with the PC and open Windows Explorer. Make sure to connect your device as “Media Transfer”. Open the Android Phone and go to the “Music”. If you’re using a Mac, you need to download and install Android File Manager first. It will recognize your phone as an extra drive.

Step 2.Now, copy the Mp3 songs from your PC and paste them in the Music folder. Wait for the completion of this process. Once the process is complete, remove your Android Device.

Launch Music Player on your phone and rescan the library. This is where you will see all the recently copied tracks on your Phone.

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