iMusic Product Reviews

2016-08-29 03:44:26
Does not remove DRM as promised by Martin Murphy

I purchased this product solely to remove DRM from music in iTunes. It should be made clear that it attempts this by scanning your library and then scraping you tube for similar titles and then downloading them. The result was thousands of poor quality tracks and an utmost waste of time and money.

2016-08-29 02:14:24
Ideal product by Jasmin core

This is product of my imagination. I can’t think better features than those offered by this tool. It is an ideal product of current time.

2016-08-28 04:30:37
Key to success by Shaun buffett

This product is your ultimate key to success especially if you are going to use it for the professional purpose because it is designed to utmost perfection.

2016-08-27 03:47:03
Get to know it by Tony wallet

If I say this is a number one product in music management then it will not be exaggeration and it will be fact. Get to know it by downloading.

2016-08-26 07:54:22
Successful way of doing it by Raymond cooper

With this tool, I could imagine where my project is headed. It allowed me to move on a growth path and run my project very successfully.

2016-08-25 08:07:22
Flexiibility is important by Matt cotely

Earlier I was very rigid and I didn’t want to shift in order to manage my music files but since I got this tool I started believed in flexibility.

2016-08-24 07:46:28
Excellent by Rocky tales

Nobody wants to invest his money in an average product so it is necessary to check the trial version. Check this one you will come to why it is excellent.

2016-08-23 07:17:54
Must have by Abbie hieman

Within short period of time, I had an attachment with this product and now it has became everyday part of my work life. A must have for everyone.

2016-08-22 07:44:35
Best one by Katey canes

I purchased this product because I didn’t have other choice but it turns out I came across the best tool that is available in the market today.

2016-08-21 07:31:54
Good one by Kerran marsh

This tool has ended my long search of finding a music management product. The good thing is that it is coming from a highly credible source in industry.

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