Deezer, one of the leading online music service providers, is offering the listening capability to millions of users across the globe through its online and Android/iPhone app services. With the service available over the smartphone for both Android and iOS users, it is stated to reach out to far more users within a short period. Let us have a look at the major benefits that a user would receive by installing the Deezer app on their Android or iOS device.

  1. The premium version offered by Deezer allows the user to synchronize their collection from different devices, and further upload MP3s from a local computer to maintain “everything” on a single platform.
  2. The elite customers gain additional feature to listen to their collection in Hi-def audio and pass them to Sonos device. (Note: Please check the compatibility of the Sonos device with Deezer before operating or opting for Elite version)
  3. It has the second largest collection of songs with over 30 million songs.
  4. It offers the quality in various outputs based on the subscription opted by the user.
  5. Deezer also offers files in FLAC extension to ensure that listeners receive the delight of listening to exceptional sound with no deletion of information to miniature the file size like that of an MP3.
  6. The songs collection spreads out through different categories, and users can search using an artist’s name, genre, year, or playlist.

Is Deezer free on iPhone?

The Deezer app for iOS or iPhone is a free-to-use application and does not require a payment like other online streaming apps. However, people who wish to listen to high-quality audio and save/download their collection will have to opt for a premium version that is available through in-app purchase.

The Deezer app for iPhone is a perfect way to outcast the traditional iTunes offered by Apple. It gives a personalized experience to the user, and the chance to change to according to the need and location. The important features are:

  1. Flow: The Flow feature learns the pattern of the listener and understands the preference. It then collects the songs or playlists accordingly and suggests them for listening.
  2. On-screen Lyrics: Search for the song, album, or song and play it back with lyrics displayed on the screen. You can easily pick up the lines and sing along with your friends or find yourself singing in peace.
  3. Channels: It gives the power to hold live streaming stations, podcasts, and playlists in a single place. It is another region where you will come across other playlists curated by other editors.
  4. Deezer Premium: Deezer is offering the premium version on a trial basis for 30-days. Explore the features and services provided to have a glimpse at the VIP experience. Additionally, listen to the collection of songs in Hi-Def audio and pass them to Sonos device (if you own one) for a greater listening experience.

deezer app 

Deezer on Android Device

Deezer is available for Android devices, and the minimum requirement is Android 1.6 OS. With the app, users can personalize the way they listen to music and gain access to over 30 million songs offered by Deezer. Those who are using Android can visit the Google Play Store and download the application. Opting for a free user would entitle the listener to hear to low-quality audio and with limitations spread across the layout. Premium version invites them to a different arena, by offering the collection in varying quality of sound and with no limitations.

How to listen to Deezer without downloading the application

Even without the Deezer application, both Android and iOS users have the chance to hear to music from Deezer using iMusic. The application helps in downloading songs from Deezer, which they can transfer to their preferred device in a few simple steps. With limitations imposed by Deezer for free users, choosing iSkysoft is the best solution. The reason behind the use of the software is due to its flexibility and stability. The important features are:

  • Discover – search for any song or artist using the built-in music library and download the song freely to a computer/Mac and move it to a device
  • Download – download any song from over 3,000 websites over the internet including YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Dailymotion, and other online streaming portals. One can download audio from a video and save it as MP3 without losing the original quality.
  • Record – record an online streaming audio to MP3, save it, and export to an external device
  • Transfer – you can quickly transfer the downloaded songs from Deezer to Android/iOS devices without the need for iTunes or any other third-party application. You can even transfer songs between Android and iPhone directly.
  • Fix – check for mislabeled songs, missing album art, and other information and fix the same using a single click.
  • Rebuild – Backup library and move it to a new system.

Step-by-step guide for how to record Deezer using iMusic and transfer the recorded music to iPhone/Android phones

Step 1: Install iMusic trial variant after downloading it from the iSkysoft website. Start the program, and choose “Get Music” option. Click the “Record” feature.

Step 2: Press the record button symbol to prepare the program to record a song. Open Deezer website, search for a song/playlist/album, and begin playing the same. iMusic will recognize it automatically and start recording the song in original quality. At the same time, the program will search for iD3 tags and add the same to the song.

Step 3: Connect iPhone to your computer. You will observe this in the main window as follows. Click “Trust This Computer” on iPhone. (For Android phones, you have to enable “USB Debugging” in the settings.)

Step 4: Click “Device,” and press the “+” icon at top right corner. You can browse to the folder containing the recorded songs from Deezer and add them to iPhone directly.

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