SoundCloud is an excellent platform for creators of music. They can post their created music on this platform and share the same with others by forwarding the link. If the receiver does not possess the right codec or player to play the song, it becomes further difficult. The current post gives you an insight into the top 5 SoundCloud Music Players.

1. Clementine

Clementine is a versatile music application for Windows. With the help of the player, you can easily organize the media on your computer. It includes all your previous collections and the ones that you download from SoundCloud. The advanced management features help in arranging things neatly and in an orderly fashion. It even has the advantage of searching for music uploaded to cloud storage drives such as Dropbox and Google Drive. The best characteristic or the feature of the software is its support for several audio files format. You can listen to any audio file, and it even downloads the missing ID3 tags automatically!


a. Supports massive audio files format
b. Has the ability to listen to different online streaming sites
c. Flexible user settings


a. The absence of skins or themes
b. Skips MP3s at times

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2. MediaMonkey

It can be frightening for a beginner to use MediaMonkey for the first time due to the number of features it provides. MediaMonkey is capable of handling all the audio formats along with MP4 and AVI video formats. Other than these two, it is further capable of ripping audio CDs, downloading podcasts, and track metadata. The file management system is the best feature of the entire software. It scans and monitors changes continuously, and makes the necessary modifications in the collection automatically.


a. Organizes collection with ease
b. Supports all the leading audio formats
c. Helps in fixing files


a. Heavy interface with lots of text

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3. MusicBee

MusicBee includes plenty of options as needed for an audiophile. Apart from playing all the leading audio formats, the software also assists in file management, making it easy to organize the entire collection of music on a computer. It even connects to the Internet and checks for the missing ID3 tags and album arts. The built-in tag editor helps you edit the information of a song manually. You can further download additional plug-ins to enhance the functionality of the player.


a. Excellent audio quality
b.Options included providing plenty of work around with the player
c. Highly customizable interface


a. Comprehensive configuration is way ahead for a beginner
b. You have to download the MP3 or AAC codec manually

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4. aTunes

aTunes provides the cleanest UI and is a joy for the user. The absence of confusing menu and plethora of options helps even a novice to scout through the software and get a hold of it with ease. The best feature is the automatic arrangement of the files and folders upon adding them to the library. It identifies all the audio formats and supports smart playlist and assists in removal of duplicate tracks from the collection.


a. Supports all the audio formats
b.Clean interface with needed options
c. Arranges files and folders automatically


a. Comprehensive configuration is way ahead for a beginner
b. Graphic equalizer is not up to the mark

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5. Foobar2000

The extremely minimalistic design can make it confusing for the user, but it is a great music player. It is the most customizable, and feature-loaded music player out there. The best part is its ability to perform all the tedious tasks without consuming much of the computer resources. Its recognizes all the audio formats and plays them in high quality.


a. Quick and versatile
b. Customizable layout


a. Tough for beginners to understand the options
b. Lacks the needed flair

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The Best All-in-one Software to Download and Transfer SoundCloud Music – iMusic

Every player has unique algorithms and functionality. However, they do fulfill the need of playing a music file. However, before you play the SoundCloud music with a music player, you need to download or record the SoundCloud music to your computer or mobile device first. Here I strongly recommend you try iMusic. It allows you to download music from SoundCloud with a single click by copy-n-past the webpage link of a song. Here are the main features of iMusic

Discover – the option allows you to discover music right from the software. You can search all your favorite music according to the artist’s name, genre, or by typing the name of the song directly. More than just listening to the music, you can use the download feature to get them onto your computer for free.

a. Download – download all your favorite music from SoundCloud along with videos from YouTube and over 3,000+ sites with ease. You can save the files as MP3 or MP4, and even mention the location where you like to save the files. The best feature is the ability to save the files directly to iTunes Library for easy management.
b. Record – the feature gives you the chance to record streaming audios on the Internet. It is useful when it is difficult to download a file from a website. While you are recording the song, the software collects ID3 tags and album art in the background and adds them automatically for easy file management.
c. Transfer – with the help of this feature you can move music from your iTunes Library to an Android phone or an iOS device without any restrictions. It even eliminates the duplicates and assists in creating a backup of the music on the device, which you can use when you change your computer. You can use the same option to update music from an Android device to iTunes Library!

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