Deezer, which took its birth in France, is a music-streaming portal consisting of more than 35 million songs in the collection. Currently, it has over 16 million active users from different parts of the globe. Apart from providing music listening services, Deezer also gives the opportunity for a registered user to upload music to the database. Not only that but also Deezer offers the ability to change the profile picture of the account holder.

The MP3 upload option provided by Deezer enables the member to have their entire collection of music in one place. Apart from the downloaded content from Deezer, users have the opportunity to upload the MP3's from their computer or smartphones to their Deezer account and synchronize it across all the devices. The ability ensures that the user uses a single platform for the entire range of music and gain access to the same from anywhere and at any time.

Part 1: Things to Pay Attention Before Uploading Music to Deezer

Before uploading MP3's to Deezer, there are certain requirements that the user should fulfill to ensure that do not face any legal obligations. The following are the important points that one should remember before uploading MP3 to Deezer. It is also important that the account holder receives verification from Deezer in order to upload MP3s.

Copyrights: Copyright infringement is a serious issue. Therefore, it is important that the upload understands the law and ensures that the uploading content meets the requirement as laid out by Deezer. It means only legal/copyrighted material have the right to find a place on Deezer’s massive database.

Deezer uploading requirement: Deezer has set a few instructions and requirements that allow the user to upload the content. As stated by Deezer, it is important that the MP3 file is an encoded file in Constant Bit Rate (CBR) format rather than Variable Bit Rate (VBR). It also allows the user to upload as many MP3s as one likes with the limitation of 45mb for each file. Therefore, users have the choice to upload a high definition audio or a 320Kbps file to the Deezer database.

Labels/Artists: If you are a budding artist, you have the opportunity to upload your collection to the Deezer catalog using the digital distribution partnership. With the help of this, even an unsigned artist gains the ability to distribute their content using the Deezer catalog through a third-party distributor. If the artist uses a label already, they can contact Deezer to know whether the distributor is walking with Deezer or not. If yes, then they can easily deliver the music and spread it out to be audiences across the globe. If an artist does not work with a label and deal with the distributor, then it is important that you get in touch with Deezer support directly.

Liability: The user is responsible solely for content and information published on the site. Deezer does not carry out supervision nor has no control, which puts the uploader as the responsible person. Additionally, Deezer also has the right to block the access of the user to the site if he/she violates third party, laws, and regulations. Although Deezer does not share personal information of the user, concerns related to the matter have the right to contact Deezer regarding an issue.

Part 2: Step-by-step Guide for How to Upload Music to Deezer

Step 1: To upload music to Deezer, it is important that the user has a premium account. Open Deezer web portal using any web browser on a computer. Users can log into their account using their ID and password. After signing in, users will have to navigate to the profile page by clicking on the username from the left side of the window.

Step 2: Clicking the name will open the profile page of the user. In this page, the account holder can click "My MP3s" option as shown in the picture below.

Step 3: Now, choose “Select MP3s” and begin picking the MP3s that one would like to upload to Deezer.

Note: Please note that each file should not exceed 45mb. The uploading feature is currently unavailable from a mobile device.

Part 3: The Best Downloader to Download Music from Deezer

Deezer provides the opportunity to listen to millions of songs using an Internet connection. However, not all the users have the ability to opt for a premium version. In such instances, one can look forward to the use of iMusic, as it provides the opportunity to download music from Deezer for free. ISkysoft iMusic is an all in one music manager that helps a music lover to possess complete control over their music lifestyle management. The logic behind this is owing to the features it offers and the flexibility that it offers to extract music from Deezer and other streaming websites.

The main features are:

  • Discover - with the help of the built-in music library, users can quickly identify songs, albums or playlists using the enhanced search box. One can even download songs apart from listening to them online.
  • Download - the feature allows the user to browse over 3000 websites including YouTube, Facebook, and other media hosting sites and download a video to MP3 with ease.
  • Record - one can easily record an online streaming audio with this feature and save it as MP3 file.
  • Transfer - users gain the ability to transfer music among computer, Android or iOS devices and iTunes Library using the drag-and-drop feature.
  • Rebuild - it helps in the creation of a backup of the library, and is helpful for a user who is migrating/upgrading to a new system.
  • Fix - the feature allows fixing mislabeled information in a song, broken links, adding album arts, and ID3 tags automatically.
  • Toolbox - it has several options that enhance power in music management. For example, users can easily remove DRM protection with a simple click.
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