Is there any way to download and transfer Spotify music to iTunes library? We all know that Spotify is a free music service providing us with a large number of songs. And the fact is that you can only access Spotify music online but can not purchase or download the songs. So how to download Spotify to iTunes? No worry! Here is the solution for you.

Download Music from Spotify to iTunes with iMusic

Because Spotify is a streaming site, it does not have an option for downloading music. However, you can do it with iMusic. It helps you to download the hottest playlists and songs from Spotify and save them to your iTunes library automatically. Besides, all these music saved in iTunes Library can be transferred to your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android phones without erasing the existing data.

Easy Steps for Downloading Spotify Music to iTunes Library

 import spotify into itunes

Step 1. Download and install iMusic

The first thing you need to do is to download iMusic and then open the installer and install it. Once the installation is done, you can then launch the program. Click the "GET MUSIC" tab on the top of the software. From there, you have 3 ways to download music from Spotify.

 import spotify into itunes

Step 2. Download Spotify playlists via iSkysoft built-in music library

Click the "DISCOVER" option in the "GET MUSIC" window. From the top list or playlist, you can see the top 100 songs from Spotify. Before getting down to the download process, you can click to play it first. After then, click the download icon on the right side of the list, and choose the music format to download them. It only takes you a few minutes to finish the download process.

 import spotify into itunes

Step 3. Download music from Spotify directly

Go to the "DOWNLOAD" window, you can copy and paste of the web address of the song from Spotify that you want to download to the box. Click Download to get it downloaded from Spotiy. Easy, simple and fast.

 import spotify into itunes

Step 4. Check out songs in iTunes Library

All music downloaded from Spotify will be added to iTunes Library automatically. Click the "LIBRARY" tab on the top of iMusic to enter the management window. From there, click the download icon on the left side, then you can see all the downloaded songs from Spotify. Check any of them and connect your device with your computer via a USB cable, then you can transfer the songs to your device hassle freely.

Spotify Music Not Available for Download

The only downside to Spotify is that you can only listen to the music through Spotify. If having a variety of music is your goal, then Spotify is the program for you. However Spotify is not compatible with any other music player. You cannot export music from Spotify to iTunes or any other music program. You can import your iTunes playlists onto Spotify, but you cannot export your Spotify playlists to iTunes.

The reasons for these restrictions has to do with Spotify's licensing agreements. Spotify operates by providing legal access to music and they do this by making agreements with the major record labels. These deals give Spotify access to an extensive music catalogue and they make sure that the artists are being fairly compensated for their music. Spotify pays royalties based on how many plays a song receives, which means they need to be able to keep track of the specific number.

This is why Spotify does not allow downloading of their music, because once the music is off of Spotify's server, they have no way of tracking the number of plays a song receives and making sure the artist gets fair compensation. Unlike music stores, Spotify does not offer artists a flat rate for their music, instead the artists get paid every single time a song is played. This is one of the reasons Spotify can give the listener access to so much awesome music, but it also the reason that Spotify is a streaming-only site.

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