More and more people would like to use their Android phones or tablets to stream, download or listen to music. However, Android phones encounter problems on the quality of music that it produced. Although it was been somehow fixed in the new models, still, there are people who use equalizers in order for them to get extra boost in the quality of sounds each Android phone has been producing. However, it may not give a huge boost to the sound quality but that little improvement in quality can actually kick things in. Here are the top 10 best music equalizer for Android devices:

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music equalizer

TOP 10: Music Equalizer

First on the list of best music equalizer for Android phones is the Music Equalizer. This equalizer was developed by Rodrigo Kolb. Like any other equalizer, it does what you want it to do; the only thing is that it has a distinction from others as there is also another application that has the same name.

It does just what you’d want it to do, and yes, we did have make the distinction because there’s a second app on this list sporting the exact same name. This good equalizer has nine presets EQ types, on which are dependent on the kind of sound you want as well as the style of music that you prefer. Aside from that, it has five-band equalizer in order to create your favorite sound system. And through the desktop widget, you can now control or adjust the volume and EQ at all times, while listening to your own music. You can download the application in google play for free! Or you may also access it from the download link.

equalizer fx

TOP 9: Equalizer FX

Next on the list is also a good equalizer popularly known as the Equalizer FX Free. It has a 6 band EQ, equipped with usual goodies such as bass boost, presets, and visualization settings and most importantly, its ability to save your custom profiles. It is considered as great equalizer and like any others; it also does what you want it to do. You can also download this application in Google Play for free or you may look into this link.

aneq equalizer

TOP 8: AnEq Equalizer

Next on the list is what you call AnEq Equalizer. It is also a good Android music equalizer with five simple band equalizer applications equipped with some presets that perfectly work on your device. This application has both the paid and free version. But the difference between the two is nothing, aside from the ads. So, one should try the free version first for you to see if it is perfectly working on your device. The application is easy-to-use so you will not have a problem setting this up. You may visit the google play for both of the paid and free version of the application or you may check it from the link.

auvio eq

TOP 7: Auvio EQ

The number seven on the list of top 10 Android equalizer is the Auvio EQ. Like the AnEq, this equalizer is also very simple. It was actually designed to suit headsets that are of Auvio brand but it still perfectly works on various Android devices. It comes with music controls and a settings menu wherein you will find the keys and controls that you need in order to boost the sound quality of your device.

The main interface of this equalizer lies within the EQ wherein you will move the six bands wherever you want or you can just select some presets, reverb and bass boost. You can learn more about this on google play or on this link.

music equalizer

TOP 6: Music Equalizer

The next on the list has the same name as the top 10. This is also called Music Equalizer. From the word itself, it is a music equalizer. Setting that aside, it is actually a very good app. Aside from its normal function it also comes with a slick interface. Perhaps, the difference with the above app is that this equalizer opens up to a window and does exactly what it is supposed to do. However, the pitfall of this app is that it does not have a maxed out bass on each of the preset. But still, this is a very nice application to boost sound quality. You can download this for free on google play or here.

android equalizer player

TOP 5: Android Equalizer Player

Coming in at the number five spot is the Android Equalizer Player. It is one of the best because as you open the application, you will find a song and play it immediately. As you play your desired music, the equalizer is embedded in the main music player so you can be able to mess around with the equalizer quite a bit. Also, it has various presets and also a separate controller for bass. But if you want that each of the songs will have a different beat or feel, this is the best app to use. To know more about this, you can go to google play and search for this equalizer. You can also download this for free or check that on this link.

equalizer music player

TOP 4: Equalizer Music Player

On the fourth spot is the Equalizer Music Player. Like the Android Equalizer Player, this application has an equalizer on the forefront of your music player and also, more of similar on its main features. In other words, Equalizer Music Player can be regarded as an exact copy or replica of the Android Equalizer Player. The only difference perhaps is the look, but everything else is just the same, from the plate settings, small to big room as well as presets. But this one is said to have millions of downloads while the other has only hundred thousand. But either way, you will actually get a very good experience. You may want to check the google play for more information or here.

bass booster

TOP 3: Bass Booster

On the number three spot is the Bass booster. This is another equalizer that will give you a better experience as it comes with a lot of features as well as powerful functions. It has a 5-band equalizer equipped with 20 presets where you can choose from, along with custom option settings. In addition, this application also has an on-screen widget that is 2 × 1, plus a plugin support and of course, a music visualizer. Also, it offers four different themes; you can use to customize the interface. Through this app, you can actually improve the quality of sound as well as amplify sound for various music preferences and styles. You may want to download the application here.


TOP 2: Equalizer

Next on the list is Equalizer which fell on the second spot. This app enables you to adjust the sound of your music which gives you a highly significant improvement in the quality of the sound. The application has 11 default settings designed to enhance the experience of its user on the type of music it wants. You can actually configure your own music styles and then save it. Moreover, it has a 5-band equalizer that lets you adjust according to your preference. You can also choose from the filters in the app such as increasing low, reverb or virtualizer. This is a nice app as it is compatible with a lot of media players. You can download it for free in Google Play or on this link.

music volume eq

TOP 1: Music Volume EQ

This application fell on the top of the list of the best music equalizer for Android nowadays. What makes it on the top is the fact that the application is actually very similar with the above mentioned equalizers but it comes with a very different design and a completely different sound quality. The application has nine preset EQ profiles plus you can customize the said settings. There are also some effects which you can activate such as the bass boost and virtualizer. You can also adjust the volume of the system. In addition, this equalizer enables you to put widgets on your screen for easier and quick access to its main functions. Moreover, the pitfall of other equalizer has been compensated in this application as every EQ preset has now bass maxed out. You can download this on google play. You may also check the app on this link.

So there you have the top 10 best Android music equalizer present in the market nowadays. You can choose from these applications according to your preferences. You may visit google play for more specific information about the applications. Either way, it is guaranteed that you will get better experience of the sound quality for your Android phones.

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