Country music is a popular form of music with origins in the southern and western United States, traditionally a mix of dance tunes and ballads played using instruments such as the guitar, fiddle, drums, and keyboard. The rise of country music is now apparent, with the continuous ascent of country artists such as Miranda Lambert, Johnny Cash, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, The Band Perry, Taylor Swift, and Brett Eldredge in the music industry. You will find below the top 20 apps for free country music downloads for Android for your listening pleasure.

Part 1. Best Music Downloader, Recorder and Transfer Software for Android Phones

Part 2. Top 20 Free Country Music Download Apps for Android

country radio mp free download

1. Country radio mp free download

Country radio mp free download enables you to listen to country music online for free. You get to search and browse for your preferred songs and artists of the best country music. You are given unlimited access to the catalog as they provide a fast and easy way to use the application.

music downloader app

2. Music Downloader App

Music Downloader App allows you to download free music legally in just a few simple steps. Many licensed CC/MP3 songs are available in the app's huge database, including many country songs and its subgenres including Classical Country, Rockabilly, Traditional Country, among many others.

4shared music

3. 4shared Music

4shared Music had been developed by New IT Solutions for music enthusiasts who need music in their pockets for easy access anywhere at any time. Apart from having the option to download your favorite country music to your Android device, you may also opt to create search for particular songs of your choice and create your very own playlist on 4shared Music whenever you are online. You can enjoy 15GB of space for your music.

google play music

4. Google Play Music

Google Play Music, owned and operated by Google Inc., is an online streaming service and music locker. This app provides users the leeway to download and store their music in their own online locker, giving you hassle-free storage free from the fear of taking up too much space. You may also opt to download your preferred country music, however, for convenient offline listening. Google Play Music also offers you the amazing experience of sharing the music you listen to on Google+.

simple mp3 downloader

5. Simple MP3 Downloader

Through Simple MP3 Downloader, you may download your favorite country music legally with the newer and faster downloader. Many reviews suggest that this is among the best music download apps available online, rating it with 4 stars on average. Simple MP3 Downloader's music database is one of the most complete ones in the market, and you are sure to find the country song of your choice, be it any subgenre.

mp3 music download pro

6. MP3 Music Download Pro

MP3 Music Download Pro has been gaining a lot of favor from users all over the world with its fast, simple, user-friendly approach. Many users have given it a 4 or 5-star rating, with those who gave the former rating saying that if the app allows one to change the album art covers, it would have gotten a five-star rating. All in all, the MP3 Music Download Pro is one of the most reliable downloaders out there for those who wish to keep their country music accessible in their Android devices anytime, anywhere.

free download music lite

7. FREE Download Music Lite

FREE Download Music Lite by Paradise Music Apps Pro allows you to play your choice of music directly from the application before deciding whether or not you would like to download it to your Android device. This is one of the easiest applications to use in order to download country music, also giving you the option to download multiple songs at the same time.

music paradise pro

8. Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro by Golden Watch may have a simple and basic interface, but it is one of the fastest and most reliable music downloader apps in the market. Many users who have previously downloaded the app have rated it a good 5-star rating.

mp3 download

9. MP3 Download

MP3 Download by MusicLab MP3 Download is one of the fastest applications from where you could download the best country music you prefer. This app is the upgraded version of GTunes Music Download, which had been tagged as one of the best downloaders yet. Many users have given this app a 5-star rating for its fast and easy downloading performance.

blue music musicbox downloader

10. Blue Music MusicBox Downloader

Blue Music MusicBox Downloader developed by Rivine Developers has a huge database of songs you may choose to download for your listening pleasure. It is user-friendly and legal, with good quality music files available for download.

itube mp3 music downloader

11. iTube MP3 Music Downloader

Although iTube MP3 Music Download does not own any of the songs available for download, this app enables you to download your preferred country music fast from public domains. As with many other MP3 downloading applications, you may simply search for the song of your choice and download it. This should not be mistaken for a YouTube downloader/converter app, though, no matter how close the two logos seem to appear.

super cloud song mp3 downloader

12. SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader is a search engine and downloader for your favorite music, whether it is country or any other genre. All your MP3 downloads are automatically transferred to your Android library.

easy downloader

13. Easy Downloader

Easy Downloader provides the user free, easy, professional, stable, and safe Android software for downloading music. As the name suggests, this app is easy to use and effective, too. Many who have downloaded music using this app have given comments saying that their experience with Easy Downloader is delightful.

music maniac

14. Music Maniac - MP3 Downloader

Although Music Maniac isn't an MP3 downloader but an online radio application, it gives you the option to download the track playing from the Amazon MP3 store. This app is very popular especially with kids nowadays who love listening to music.


15. Anghami - Free Unlimited Music

Anghami, owned and developed by a company of the same name, offers users free unlimited music which includes country. Do not let the simple interface fool you, as this is one of the fastest and most reliable music download applications in the market.

mp3 skull downloader music

16. MP3 Skull Downloader Music

MP3 Skull Downloader Music by HamZan Apps provides a fast search and download from public MP3 sites for your listening pleasures. It is relatively easy to download your favorite country music using MP3 Skull Downloader Music, where you could also preview and listen to the music before downloading. Song lyrics are also available for some tracks.

mp3 music downloader by wingroup

17. MP3 Music Downloader by Wingroup

MP3 Music Downloader by Wingroup is another one of the easiest, user-friendly music download apps that one can use to download country music legally.

free mp3 download

18. Free MP3 Download

This application, although with a common name, is also one of the most highly recommended music download apps and online music search engines for music enthusiasts. It contains a huge amount of tracks which you can choose from, ranging from one genre to another. Country music lovers will take delight in the wide array of country music available in the offerings.

mp3 music download

19. MP3 Music Download

MP3 Music Download, though having a common name such as the last selection, is sought-after by users who love to download music into their devices, what with it being an advanced music downloader that allows you to browse, search, download, and listen to your choice of music all for free. You also have the option to listen online or to download the songs.

music mp3 download copyleft

20. Music MP3 Download CopyLeft

Music MP3 Download CopyLeft is yet another free amazing music downloader app available for all Android devices that allows you to stream and download any song that you wish to listen to. Your country music cravings will be satisfied with this fast and easy-to-use app.

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