If you are anything like the millions of Samsung users worldwide who use their devices to listen to music every day, it’s important for you to know a Samsung music downloader. There are a host of platforms available that will let you download and listen to your favorite artists and podcasts directly from your Samsung device. Make sure to study all the options available to make the best decision for your tastes and needs and for getting the most out of your Samsung experience.

Part 1. Best Music Downloader for Samsung (desktop software strongly recommended)

I would like to suggest you use desktop Samsung music downloader. The reasons are: First, it’s easy to use the desktop software to find more songs available online; second, it will take you less storage by storing only needed songs on Samsung phones. If you use apps, the apps will occupy the storage, and the music will. Third, it may save you fee for cellular. If you use app, then you need either wi-fi or cellular data to download the music for your Samsung while desktop will not use cellular data at all.

I strongly recommend you try iMusic – best music downloader. It allows you to download music from over 3000 music sites by copying, pasting the URL and clicking Download button. Besides, it has a built-in music library, enabling you to discover music by genre, artist, and top lists, and download music for your Samsung device for totally free. The steps are pretty simple and easy. What's more, if you can't download the music from a site or radio station, you can use iMusic to record it.

Here are the steps for how to download music from iMusic built-in music library, how to download music for Samsung from music site, and how to record music for Samsung with iMusic

*Download music from iMusic

best music downloader for samsung galaxy s3
Step 1. Launch iMusic on your computer and connect your Samsung device with it. After then, click the first tab on the top of the window named as "Discover". From there, you can find the latest and hottest songs. You can also make use of the category to find the music your like or the search box to search for music.
Step 2. For each song or playlist, there is a download icon beside it. Click it, choose "MP3" and click "Download" to download the music for Samsung device
music downloader for samsung galaxy s3
Step 3. After you download music, then click the "LIBRARY" tab on the top of iMusic. The download songs are saved to iTunes Library automatically. From there, click the download icon to see the music. Check the needed songs and click the Export button on the right top to send to your Samsung phone.

*Download music from music sites or radio station

Step 1. Launch iMusic on your computer and connect your Samsung phone with your computer via a USB cable. Click the Discover tab on the top and navigate to the Download feature.
Step 2. Copy and paste the URL of the music to the box and click Download to go ahead.
Step 3. After downloading, click "LIBRARY" and then choose the download item on the left side. From there, you can see the downloaded songs. Tick the checkbox in front of them and then click the Export button on the right to add them to your Samsung device.

Part 2. 14 Apps for Samsung to Download Music

best music downloader for galaxy

#1. 4Shared

One of the most powerful music downloading apps, 4Shared has a lot of free music available to Samsung Galaxy users. You can use the search option to look for your favorite artists by album name or song titles.

Price: Free

Score: 3.3 from 2192 reviews

samsung galaxy music downloader

#2. Music Downloader

Music Downloader is an amazing app that you can use to find music for your Samsung Galaxy. The app is simple to use, and you can enter a search for any singer, title or album that is licensed under Creative Commons. This app is completely free and the music data basis has one of the widest selections available.

Price: Free

Score: 3.1 from 9305 reviews

music downloader for galaxy s3

#3. Free Mp3 Downloads

This app will allow you to download any music that is licensed as ‘Free to Use’ directly onto your Samsung Galaxy. The Interface is sleek and easy to use. It allows you to download music with the search function. The app will let you listen to the music that you have downloaded to your Samsung Galaxy.

Price: Free

Score: 2.8 from 300567 reviews

#4. SONGily

The SONGily downloader app is available for all Samsung Galaxy users that are already using SONGily.com. The app is free to use for anyone that qualifies, but is ad-supported. You can use this app to download all music content from the SONGily website directly onto your Samsung Galaxy.

Price: Free

Score: 4.1 from 17950 reviews

music downloader app for samsung

#5. Mp3 Music Downloader

This music downloader is an excellent choice for Samsung users and makes it possible for the user to download any music from the freemusicarchive.org website. It has the advantage of participating in a project that has the express mission to distribute free music all over the internet.

Price: Free

Score: 3.6 from 8838 total reviews

#6. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is an amazing app that gives you access to free and ad-supported content that is curated by experts to your tastes. The app allows you to stream radio, music or podcasts. It also lets you download up to 50,000 songs to listen to offline on your Samsung. This app is supported by Android, iOS and the web.

Price: Free

Score: 3.9 from 2002790 reviews

best music downloader for galaxy s4

#7. Swift Downloader

This Music downloader promises to be a way for you download your favorite music and videos quickly and easily to your Samsung. It also allows for a fast search through BitTorrent for your favorite movies. It has an integrated web browser and allows you to connect with Facebook, Instagram and all other popular video websites.

Price: Free

Score: 4.2 from 52634 reviews

music downloader for samsung galaxy

#8. Copyleft Mp3 Music Downloader

This program makes it possible for you to search and download all music that is licensed as free to use on copyleft music. It downloads high quality mp3’s directly to your Samsung in one easy click. The music is registered under the Creative Commons 3.0 license. Easy to use and legal.

Price: Free

Score: 3.1 from 6,631 reviews

#9. Skull

Skull mp3 is a professional music downloader. It downloads music files directly onto your Samsung’s SD card. It is a powerful music downloader with a large community of satisfied customers. This app uses Music Search Engine and Streaming Music online.

Price: Free

Score: 3.3 from 3949 reviews

#10. Napster from Rhapsody Intl

With Napster you will be able to enjoy high quality music that is ad-free and that you can listen to anywhere and at any time. It will allow you to stream from your Samsung, tablet or computer. Napster has the potential to introduce to your new favorite music every day. It will also let you create your own music stations and playlists.

Price: Free

Score: 3.8 from 47778 reviews

#11. Audiomack

Millions of customers use Audiomack every day. It’s an excellent way of discovering new free music. This program features trending charts that showcases the best new acts on hip hop, electronic and reggae scenes. The free download version includes a search function where you’ll be able to favorite all your new music for easy listening and provides download enabled songs and mixtapes for offline listening on your Samsung.

Price: Free

Score: 4.5 from 78,952 reviews

best music downloader for samsung

#12. Advanced Download Manager

This is a powerful music downloader for your android that will allow you to download up to three files at a time directly on to your Samsung device. It uses an accelerated downloading platform by using a multithread downloading method. It’s also one of the few downloaders that will support files over 2 gigabytes.

Price: Free

Score: 4.4 from 314,504 reviews

#13. Anghami

Anghami music downloader is one of the best ways for you to discover and enjoy new and free music on your Samsung. It has one of the largest catalogues of music on the internet with millions of free Arabic and international songs. It also lets users watch and enjoy exclusive videos that are available for free on the Anghami platform.

Price: Free

Score: 4.3 from 297854 reviews

samsung music downloader

#14. SoundLoad for SoundCloud

SoundLoad is one of the highest rated downloading apps on the Google Play Store. It’s an excellent choice for any Samsung user that likes to enjoy listening to music from their Samsung device. Through this app you will be able to access direct download links on the SoundCloud platform that is offered exclusively by the artist.

Price: Free

Score: 4.3 from 341 reviews

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