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Spotify playlists can be tricky, especially if you are someone like me. I am bit of a Klutz you see and it is not that uncommon for me to end up with deleted songs, tracks and playlists on my Spotify account. Now, this can be a bit of a setback for anyone who is a serious music lover. I am sure you would understand.

And, so here I was looking for ways to get out of this situation and get all my songs and playlists back on Spotify when I found some amazing options to do so. I am going to share them all with you today.

Part 1: Extract Your Spotify Playlist From Google Chrome And Import It Back

It is a simple extension for Google Chrome that lets you extract your playlists safely with the help of a single click.

This extension will let you extract an .m3u playlist / json array of items from your Spotify playlists with the help of just one click. Here’s what you have to do.

Step 1: Download spotify Playlist Extractor, a plugin for Google Chrome. Press "ADD TO CHROME" button which on the upper right corner of the interface.

Extract Your Spotify Playlist-download extension

Step 2: Now that you have successfully added the extension on Google Chrome, you should see a small button next to the menu button on Chrome. Note the coloured area on the right side of this screenshot.

Extract Your Spotify Playlist-small button

Step 3: For the final part, go to and go to "Playlist", pick up the playlist by clicking on it. Click on the "Spotify Playlist Extractor" button and wait for it to work, in case you have too many items in your playlist, it will even automatically scroll your playlist in equal intervals of 5 seconds. Once finished, a new tab will open up with a formatted result of your playlist items.

Part 2: Export a Playlist as a text File and Import

Now, if you are not that ok downloading a Google Chrome extension and all, you can try this method as it’s a real easy one to follow. Here’s how to begin. Open spotify on your desktop and also launch a new Word document. Put them side by side on your desktop. Now, it’s time for you to highlight all those songs that you want export on Spotify and simply drag them on to the document that you have opened. Notice that the track or song names would be pasted on to the document as hyperlinks that when clicked will take you to those particular songs on Spotify.

Here’s a screenshot of how this would look.

Export a Playlist as a text File and Import-word

Part 3: Copy a Shared Spotify Playlist

Now, again this works on desktop so please remember that you would not be able to use this method on your mobile devices such as Android, iPhone or iPad.

Before you begin, ensure that you have Spotify installed on your computer. Here is the link to download it. Once you are done downloading the app and installing it as well, follow the below given steps.

Step 1: Launch the Spotify app and click on the playlist that you want to copy. You should now see the list of songs in that playlist that you can highlight or select.

Copy a Shared Spotify Playlist- Launch the Spotify app

Step 2: Click on any of the tracks and then to select all the songs in the playlist, press "Ctrl + A "(Windows) or Command + A (Mac). This should now highlight all the tracks and change their colour to a light grey.

Copy a Shared Spotify Playlist-select songs

Step 3: Do a right click on any of the tracks now and from the drop down menu, select the option of "Add to". From the next set of options, you can either select "New Playlist" to create a new playlist altogether with a new name or simple select any one of the playlists displayed.

Once you follow this method, you will end up creating a copy of the playlist that you want not to change in your Spotify account. In fact, it is as good as creating a new playlist but without any of the hassles and painstaking effort that goes into adding your favourite songs one by one.

Part 4: Record Spotify Music Online Free with iMusic

Step 1. Open iMusic

As a first step, open the iMusic software present on your PC by double clicking its icon.

download music from Spotify-download and launch imusic

Step 2. Select Record: Get Music > Record

Select the option of "Record" which on the top of the interface as below screenshot.

Record music From Spotify/streaming to iTunes-select record option

Step 3. Play music on Spotify

Now you need to play any music on Spotify which you wish to record. In order to record from Spotify, open your Spotify account and then play the desired track.

Record music From Spotify/streaming to iTunes-play spotify music

Step 4. Click the record icon

As the music is played on Spotify, click on the button on the bottom of the interface as the below screenshot and the track will automatically get recorded. Click this icon again to finish recording.

Record music From Spotify/streaming to iTunes

Step 5. Find the songs in the "iTunes Library"

As you complete the recording of the songs, you can find the songs in the "iTunes Library".

Record music From Spotify/streaming to iTunes-Find the record songs

iMusic - Music Manager, transfer and downloader for your iOS/Android Devices

  • Download/Record MP3 Music Directly
  • Download Music & Videos from 10,000+ Sites
  • Transfer Music Without Device Limitation
  • Complete your Entire Music Library
  • Fix id3 Tags, Covers
  • Delete Duplicate Song & Remove Missing Tracks
  • Manage Music without iTunes Restrictions
  • Use iTunes with Android
  • Burn Music to CD easily
  • Backup with one click
  • Share Your iTunes Playlist
  • Convert to compatiable format automaticlly
  • Replace m4p files to mp3 format
  • The Perfect Music Downloader for iOS & Android

How-to > Manage Music > Export Spotify Playlist, Backup Spotify Playlist or Record Spotify Music

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