Have you ever heard of Streema? Streema Radio is a platform that enhances the way in which you listen to music online. It is an online radio tuner and a TV tuner. Streema allows you to search radio stations, play and favourite them. Moreover, it has radio stations from different countries like Australia, Burundi, Colombia, Canada, Zimbabwe, and the USA just to mention a few. You can also sort the radio stations according to cities, genres, and regions.

For TV stations you will discover top Streema TV stations as well as having to search for TV stations by region, countries, cities and genre. The TV stations are of high quality thus making enjoyable to stream your favourite channel. To be able to favourite stations and retain the searches, you need to create an account. You can also sign up using your Facebook account. In this article, we are gonna share how to save Streema radio to your Mac, Windows PC or mobile phones and devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, as well as a top 10 list for popular radio programs on Streema.

Part 1. Streema Radio Download with the Best Music and Radio Downloader

Streema.com on Android or iPhone:

Streema has gone further to tap into mobile users listeners by providing them with Streema mobile application. On iPhone you can visit App store and download Streema for iPhone while for Android users there can install from Google play store and enjoy streaming radio a and TV station of their choice. Although you can stream from your browser, it is more reliable to stream from Streema mobile app. All these mobile apps are user-friendly and are free to use and download. Therefore, head to download stores and install them on your phone.

Streema.com Radio Download:

When it comes to listening and downloading music online on PC, you need music downloader and recorder software like iMusic. This software supports streaming of music from over 3000 sites such as YouTube, Streema, Spotify, Pandora, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Facebook and much more. Other than that you can discover top hits of different genres on its inbuilt media library. The music from the music from this music library can also be downloaded in high-quality MP3 and MP4 formats. This intuitive software is also featured with other music functionalities that we have discussed below.

iMusic - Download Steema Radio and Music from 3000+ Sites

  • Support to download music and radio programs from YouTube, Vevo, Spotify, Vimeo, Jamendo, Metacafe and 3000+ music sites.
  • Transfer music between iOS devices and iTunes as well as between Android phones and iMusic software.
  • When you want to do a backup of your iTunes file, you can always use iMusic software since it can also restore backups.
  • If your iTunes library is irresponsive and you want to rebuild it then you can use iMusic software.
  • When you find your music not properly labelled, some tags missed and covers duplicated, iMusic software can fix all that perfectly.
  • Record music with iMusic from any supported site in MP3 and MP4 format. The ID 3tags of the music recorded will be added automatically.

How to record Streema.com radio programs in steps

There is this song on Streema that you wish to have it on your device and you want to use iMusic software to record it. Keep calm and follow these steps.

Step 1. Run this Streema radio recorder

Open the installed iMusic software, click on “GET MUSIC” and then choose “Record” category. On the program window, click on “Record” button.

streema radio

Step 2. Start to record Streema radio

What follows is for you to open Streema website on your browser and play for the music you wish to record. Once you play it, the program will detect it and start to record it. As the music file is being recorded the music tags will be added automatically. To stop the recording, click on the “Record” button again. Now go “Library” menu and play the recorded music.

streema radio

Optional: How to download music with this music downloader

Step 1. Open the program, click on “GET MUSIC” and then opt for “Download” option.
Step 2. A new window will appear, now copy URL from YouTube site on your browser and paste it into paste URL box.
Step 3. Choose the output format of the music that you want to record either as MP3 or MP4 once the music is detected.
Step 4. Lastly, click on “Download”, and the music file will be downloaded and stored on iMusic Library.

streema radio

Part 2: Top 10 Hot Radio Programs on Streema

streema com

#1. Metro 95.1

Metro 95.1 is an urban radio station based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which plays contemporary top 40 pop and rock urban tracks. The stream to this stations is workable and it is of high quality. However, this station only favours people who understand or love Spanish songs.

streema com

#2. Clyde 1 - FM 102.3 - Glasgow

This radio station on streamer is where you will find classic hits, pop, rock and R&B. This music radio is based in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. When you check this website it has over 4300 tunes in. The disadvantage of this stream is that it might fail to play.

streema com

#3. KISS 100

You can also check on Kiss 100 London based radio station. Kiss 100 plays a wide genre of music compared to other radio stations which include; R&B, Hip Hop, Urban, Indie and Adult contemporary music. The only problem with streamer is that the player might fail to play.

simple radio by streema

#4. 77 WABC - WABC

If you want to catch up with news and talks in New York City, then you have to tune in to News talk radio station. 77 WABC - WABC has a quality stream at 80kbps. Moreover, this site has received over 8200 tunes in. 77 WABC - WABC has shown which are not limited to ABC News, Garden Sense, The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Sean Hannity Show, Coast to Coast AM, Mark Levin Show, The Money Pit, Imus in the Morning, The Ric Edelman Show, Moneytalk, Monica Crowley, Curtis Sliwa Live, Imus in the Morning News Hour, The Joe Scarborough Show, John Batchelor and Kudlow & Company. From the reviews, we cannot find anything bad with the streamer but users are not pleased with some hosts on the talk shows.

simple radio by streema

#5. NPR-Washington DC

NPR Radio is online radio based in Washington that has news, talk show, culture shows and entertainment news. On NPR Washington you will get shows such as; Shows: All Things Considered, Fresh Air (NPR), NPR's Morning Edition, Talk of the Nation, Talk of the Nation Science Friday, Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me, Weekend Edition Saturday, The Diane Rehm Show, Weekend Edition Sunday and much more. You can be part of the 2900 plus tunes by streaming it at 96kbps only. The only challenge of this radio station is that it is beneficial to those in Washington only.

npr streema

#6. Alpha FM- FM 101.7

This is a Brazilian radio station in Sao Paulo broadcasting in Portuguese language. On this radio station you will get Brazilian adult contemporary news, culture news, theatre news, music from popular artists and music news. In fact, it plays pop and rock music. Alpha FM has more than 3300 tunes in. The programs on this station are interesting since it covers world news. However, you will not benefit if you do not understand Portuguese language.

npr streema

#7. Talk Radio 702

There is also an African radio station based in Johannesburg, South Africa that covers, news, sports, talks and business news. This radio station is famously known for broadcasting South Africa’s Apartheid. Some of these shows aired on Talk Radio 702 include A Word On, Believe It or Not, Early Breakfast, Out and About, Saturday Breakfast, Solid Gold Weekend, The Band Stand, Redi Direko, David O'Sullivan, John Robbie, The Jenny's Show, The World at Six, The Alternative View, Talk at Nine, Overnight Live and The Midday Report. TalkRadio broadcasts in English and there is no interruption.

streema app

#8. NewsRadio WIOD

For NewsRadio-WIOD radio station based in Florida, Miami, you will get news talks, traffic news and weather news. Therefore, if you visit Miami and you want to travel around, tune in to NewsRadio-WIOD radio station to get updated on the weather and traffic and enjoy your holiday. Some of the talk shows include; Best of Sean Hannity, The Sean Hannity Show, Mark Levin Show, The Schnitt Show, The Best of Rush Limbaugh, The Mutual Fund Show, The Glenn Beck Program, and Best of Coast to Coast just to mention a few. Although it is a great station, listeners are not happy with some of the hosts on the talk shows.

streema app

#9. Sportsnet 590 The FAN

If you are sports lover in Canada and you are looking for a radio station that covers sports live then Sportsnet 590 the FAN is where you should be tuned. You will also get informed about what is happening in the world of sports and exciting talk shows. It airs talk shows such as; Hockey Central, Hoops, International Sports Report, Late Night, Morning Scoreboard, Saturday Morning Show, Soccer Show and Sports Central just to mention a few. It has received over 2600 tunes in. From the user reviews, talk shows are not involving.

streema com radios

#10. Caraibes FM

Caraibes FM is a radio stations that aims to update Haiti citizens in diaspora. Caraibes FM provides news on entertainment, education, talk shows news around the country and the world. Caraibes FM is one of the oldest radio stations in Haiti formed in 1940s. Its plugin player on Streema is great and there is no complain from its listeners.

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