iHeartRadio Free Music & Radio is arguably the world’s giant music app with amazing radio stations, selected streaming channels as well as super enticing matrix of music events. The iHeartRadio app and its desktop online counterpart offers absolutely free streaming services sourced from 200+ music channels include some of the hot and popular hit music stations like Virgin, CJAY, and CHUM FM among others. With this application, you have exclusive license for an excellent customization experience. You can choose music based on your mood, activity, station as well as anything that interests you as far as music is concerned. The app is suited for individuals who have the love for music, news, talk radio, comedy and sports.

Part 1. Download iHeartRadio in the Easiest Way

iHeartRadio App Free Download

To get the iHeartRadio app on your android or iPhone is definitely not as complex as you would imagine. You can download the app on iHeartRadio.ca or go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and select the latest updated iHeartRadio app.

Download iHeartRadio

iMusic is arguably the best radio downloader and an all-in-one comprehensive music management program. The program lets users record radio programs, download their favorite music and transfer them to their devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android phones among others. There are separate versions of iMusic for Mac and Windows PC and is entirely compatible with latest windows and Mac operating systems. iMusic is definitely the best solution to download and record your favorite media files. The speed and the many integrated features would give an awesome user experience. Users can download the free version of this program to check out how the program works.

iMusic - Download iHeartRadio and Other Radio Programs in 1 Click

  • Download music from more than 3000 sites including the popular video sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud among others.
  • Record music, radio programs, and ringtones among other media files from various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. using the “Record” feature.
  • Fix iTunes Library problems by cleaning up the dead or broken tracks, fix those songs that are mislabeled plus removing those tracks that are duplicated on iTunes library.
  • Transfer music files, podcasts, TV shows as well as playlists between Android devices, Apple devices, and iTunes free from device or computer legal limitations.
  • In-built music library which allows users to listen and download their favorite music of diverse genres and artists.
  • Powerful toolbox which provides additional solutions to problems related to music including recovery of iTunes Library, backup iTunes as well as removal of music DRM protection on your device among others.

How to record iHeartRadio music radio

Step 1. Run the music radio downloader program

Click the iMusic program icon to open the program your computer. Navigate to the “GET MUSIC” menu. Once the “GET MUSIC” window is selected, just click the “Record” button which is located at the top of the window. This should ready the program to record the radio program.

iheartradio free

Step 2. Start to record iHeartRadio free music radio

Open the iHeartRadio app to start playing. While the programs are playing, the program will automatically record the program currently playing on your iHeartRadio station. In the event, both the cover and the artist would be added to the file to ease the process of identifying the recorded file on iTunes Library.

iheartradio free music

On the programs interface, go to the “LIBRARY” menu then the recording icon to locate the recently recorded iHeartRadio file. You can then choose to transfer this file to other devices using a suitable media like USB cable.

Optional: How to download online music from URL

Step 1. Launch the iMusic program and navigate to the “GET MUSIC” window.
Step 2. Using your browser, open the video site and copy the respective video URL code.
Step 3. Go back to the program’s interface and paste the copied URL within the “Paste URL” box.
Step 4. Choose your desired file format and click “Download” button.

free iheartradio app

Part 2. iHeartRadio Not Working Problems and Solutions

1) iHeartRadio not working on android

iHeartRadio may at times fail to work on your Android device even if you have a fast internet connection. You may try to open the app but fails to open at all on your Android device. In such a case, the best solution is to uninstall and re-install the application. The app should then work on your Android device. You can also try updating the program.

2) iHeartRadio station not playing

Sometimes you may try to stream iHeartRadio on your device but does not play at all. It either loads without connecting to the radio or does not open the site to allow you log in at all. The problem could be your internet connection or that you are using the iHeartRadio app which is not up to date.

• Check your internet connection- in case you are using your mobile network, try opening via your browser. If it does not open, then your data coverage is weak.
• If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, try to reboot your modem or router.
• Try closing some data consuming apps that are currently running on your device to improve your streaming.
• Try to reboot your phone and check if the situation changes.
• Check for the latest update on Google Play Store.

3) iHeartRadio login problem

You may experience problems trying to sign in to your iHeartRadio. This majorly occur when you have forgotten your credentials.

Find the “Forgot password” link just on the user login page or on iHeartRadio.ca website. You can locate the user login page in the iHeartRadio app, website menu or even at the very top of your local radio station page. If the problem persist, then contact infoENG@iheartradio.ca via email.

4) iHeartRadio can't perform initialization

At times users receive the iHeartRadio error message “Cannot perform initialization. Application will exit”. You can try to either update your browser version, and then open the iHeartRadio again, or clear the browser or app cache. Disabling ad-block may also be an alternative way to solve the problem.

5) iHeartRadio sign up problem

Sometimes you can try to sign up iHeartRadio but cannot go through. It persist giving an error message that the authorizing your account did not go through. This may be because you deleted your account and want to re-add. It does not provide an option to supply your credentials and when you choose to sign up as a new user, the same error message is displayed. When this happens, you need to submit a system diagnostics, and reply with your confirmation number. Check how to submit a diagnostics.

6) iHeartRadio activate problem

For successful activation of your iHeartRadio ProFusion iS Media Player, the “Activation Successful” message should display. However, a failure would display “Activation Failed” message. When such a message is displayed, just write down the message and contact Mood Media at 855.345.5223. They will help fix your activation problem.

Part 3. Top 10 Hot Radio Programs on iHeartRadio

i heart radio station

#1. Virgin Radio London

Virgin Radi London (97.5 FM) is the number 1 hit music station in London. You can listen to this radio station between 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM on iHeartRadio to enjoy the best music and other entertainment programs. It is a national radio station which was launched back in march 2016. The Wireless group owned radio station is all about the music of majorly pop, rock, and dance.

what is i heart radio

#2. Peace Sun Fm

This is another popular and smashing radio station with super cool music and programs. There is exclusive access to unlimited music and entertainment. The radio station broadcasts from St. John, British Columbia, Canada. Some of the music played include contemporary adult pop among others. Listen to it online for free.

heart radio online

#3. WHTZ

WHTZ is a popular commercial radio station which is commonly branded Z100. The radio station owned by iHeartMedia and is regarded as the New York’s number 1 hits music station. Here, you can listen to trending stories and hot topics, latest music and entertainment news among other program lineups.

iheartradio com activate

#4. KALZ 96.7 FM

KALZ FM whose slogan is “The Valley’s Next Generation of Talk” is a popular top hit California based radio station available on iHeartRadio. The radio station owned by iHeartRadio broadcasts to Fresno California area. The station first aired in 1980 and broadcasted as Smooth Jazz 96.7 and that format was in use on KJZN 105.5 FM. From 1998 to July 2006, the station broadcasted as Alice 102.7 on 102.7 MHz. This radio station broadcasts two HD channels.

open i heart radio

#5. KHTY Fox Sports Radio

KHTY is an amazing radio station for those interested with sports news. This is one of the oldest radios that went air as far as 1958 initially as KUZZ. By the year 1986 it was moved from 550AM to 970AM and later in 2001 the ownership was taken by iHeartRadio. The format has since been changing as in 2008 the channel format changed from oldies back to news/talk with subsequent branding as Business 970 KHTY. In 2008, it underwent another change from news/talk to Spanish language news/talk radio and later to sports radio in the year 2009. Various program lineup in the studio includes the likes of Jim Rome, Chris Meyers, J.T. the Brick, Petros, Fox Sports radio programs as well as Money show only to mention but a few.

iheart music

#6. KISS FM 102.7

This is definitely the number 1 hit music radio station in Los Angeles. The iHeartMedia owned radio station is licensed to Los Angeles, California. The station studios are located in Burbank and its transmitter on Mount Wilson. Apart from the standard analog transmission, there are two other HD Radio channels. The HD-2 channel “Evolution” features an all-dance music format type which can be streamed online via the iHeartRadio app. The top 40 station in Los Angeles has an average of 1 million listeners.

download iheartradio

#7. 7. WAXQ “Q104.3” FM

WAXQ is a super hit classic rock music radio station in New York City. The iHeart Media owned radio station broadcasts from AT&T Building located in Tribeca district of Manhattan while the transmitter is situated at the Empire State Building. It was initially set up as a non-profit station under International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union. However, due to financial incapability, the station ceased operation in the year 1952. With a series of succession and format shift, the station was eventually sold to iHeartMedia group in 1997. The notable program lineup includes Friday Happy Hour, Friday Night Rocks, Jim Kerr Rock and Roll Morning, Middays, Party Night, and B-Man among others. The popular segments include Breakfast with the Beatles, Workforce Blocks, and Music Room Monday just to mention but a few.

download iheartradio app

#8. Sunny 99.1

Sunny 99.1 FM commonly referred to as KODA broadcasts and is licensed to the greater Houston area. The station is owned by iHeartMedia group and has the transmitters located in Missouri City, Texas while the studio situated along west Loop freeway in the city Uptown district. On HD-2, the radio station identified itself as classic rock until 2008 when it dropped the title to Top-40 format. The iHeartRadio network originates from KODA HD-2 in Missouri city, Texas. In 2014, ODA was renamed iHeartMedia. The logo was replaced on February 2018 when the sun on the logo was removed. The popular program include Delilah’s love song during the weeknights.

iheartradio free

#9. KOST 103.5 FM

This is a Los Angeles, California licensed radio station owned by the iHeartMedia group. Both the studio and offices are located in Burbank while the transmitter is situated at the top of Mount Wilson. Since being set up in the year 1956, the radio station has since seen several changes in terms of ownership and formats just like other common radio stations. The radio station is popular in Los Angeles and outside as it was nominated for an “Adult Contemporary Station of The Year” and also the award for top 25 markets by the Radio and Record magazines. The main format is mainstream adult contemporary music.

iheartradio free music

#10. WHLW 104.3 FM

The popularly referred to Hallelujah 104.3 is generally a popular urban gospel radio station broadcasting and licensed to Luverne, Alabama in the United States. iHeartMedia group is the owner of the radio station and the studio is situated in East Montgomery near East dale Mall with the transmitter located in Grady, Alabama. Personalities starring in the radio station include Connye B, Donnie McKlurkin, and Yvette Bullard-Dillard.

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