Finding a good FM radio station can be a daunting task especially if you are curating from a long list of music stations. However, with prior knowledge you can easily get your favorite from a host of free radio stations and music sites where you can stream and listen to music radio anywhere and at any time. This article would take you through a list of best FM radio stations and free music radio stations to tune to for terrific music collection.

Part 1. Best Radio Recorder for Free Music Radio Download

iMusic is an ultimate must-have all-in-one resourceful music manager tool rated the best radio downloader app. There are variety of excellent and useful capabilities provided to ensure a better and quality user experience. Apart from being a download tool, iMusic stretches further to help users record music, radio programs, transfer them across Apple and Android devices as well as fixing their music library. You can access several download sites of over 1000 to be precise and download your favorite music anytime and at any place of your interest. There is a separate version for both the Mac and Windows operating systems and is well compatible with latest Windows 10 and macOS 10.13 High Sierra counterpart.

iMusic - Free Music Radio Record in 1 Click

  • Download music from 3000+ media sharing platforms and Record any free radio or live sessions from any radio page.
  • With a suitable media like USB, users can transfer their recorded or downloaded files between devices without computer or legal restrictions.
  • Completely fix their entire iTunes Library by cleaning up the dead or broken tracks, proper labeling the mislabeled songs, and removal of the repeated tracks.
  • Powerful toolbox which houses more features for solutions like recovery of iTunes Library, backup iTunes, and removal of music DRM protection on your device.
  • Transfer their iTunes Library or restore it depending on whether you lost your Library or you acquired a new computer.
  • Built-in editor which provides a bunch of editing tools to enhance the quality and appearance of their media files before download.

How to Record Free Music Radio

Step 1. Run the free music radio recorder

Run the iMusic free music radio record program, click “GET MUSIC” menu then “Record”.

free music radio

Step 2. Record free music radio in 1 click

Navigate to the radio station you would like to record and as it plays, the iMusic program records it automatically. Go to the “LIBRARY” menu then click the recording icon to locate the recorded Radio file. Both the cover and the artist are added automatically by the program and so it is easy to identify the recorded file.

free music radio

Optional: How to download music radio from URL

Step 1. Run the iMusic application on your computer. Under the “GET MUSIC” window click the “Download” button.
Step 2. Click on one of the streaming sites and subsequently search for the respective video within the chosen site. Copy the URL code and go back to the program.
Step 3. Paste the URL code within the “Paste URL” box and click Download button just beside it to download the music. Choose output format and hit “Download” button.

free music radio

Part 2: Top 20 Free Music Radio Stations Online

free music radio

#1. FIP

FIP is a French online radio station which is a perfect fit for mood improvement music radio station. You can get consistent mix of Mozart to Motown, Afrobeat songs, and modern French songs among others. There are little DJ chatter in this free web based radio station as well.

free music radio

#2. WKSU

This is a small free Ohio, USA based radio station. This radio station has a variety of highlights including This American Life showcased on every Saturday, 5pm, The Moth Radio Show on every Saturday , 6pm, and classical music every morning until 9am among others.

free music radio

#3. Jango Radio

Jango Radio is another free online radio that allows you listen to different genre of music. You will find music of different genres like pop, hip hop, chill and country among others. You can also search music by artist name. Jango Radio only plays music.

free music radio

#4. ESPN Radio

ESPN Radio is a trusted American online radio station that delivers hot American sports discussion especially their NFL discussion. You can browse the station directory according to city. However, it has bugs and it may fail to load.

free music radio

#5. Radio Tunes

Radio Tunes is also a free online with many channels such as Jazz, New Age, Romantic, Pop, Classical, top hits and many more. On this online radio you will find nearly all kind favorable for any mood.

free music radio

#6. Internet Radio

This free online radio station has music of all genres ranging from oldies, classical, pop, adult contemporary to hip hop. On this site you will also get a list of popular radio stations as well as featured radio stations.

free music radio

#7. Online Radio

This online based radio station is a home of other radio stations. You can browse world music, Indian music, Tamil music, Religious, Top Tamil music, Talks and to get all these content is free you don’t even have to sign in.

free music radio

#8. Tidal Radio

Tidal radio station has since changed following its re-launched and has since saw it being taken over by musicians like Jay-Z. The radio station guarantees artists and songwriter to get a larger share of royalties compared to other streaming sites. It also provides CD quality streaming with a monthly subscription which is commensurate considering the quality it delivers.

free music radio

#9. HitsRadio

HitsRadio is a free website that is well designed. When you just visit the website you can easily select the music playlist from genres such as rock, country, hip hop and much more. You can also do unlimited skips.

free music radio

#10. Berlin Community Radio

Berlin Radio is among the top online radio station based in the great and most creatively energized city in Europe. In fact the radio station was nominated for the Best European Radio Station award from Mixcloud. It is strict no playlisting policy marks it hard to hear a song twice. There are more than 100 regular shows ranging from old school music to literary readings in English.

free radio music

#11. DigitalRadio Plus

On this platform you can stream to radio stations freely. It has recommended stations, extra stations and you can also find stations according to region and station type. Its user interface is simple and you can easily identify radio stations.

free radio music

#12. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is online based streaming site with a lot of free radio station that you can tune to. You will also find music and sort them by different genres. Besides, iHeart Radio also has podcasts and live radio stations.

free radio music

#13. 24/7 Bach

This online radio station is run by the Global Bach Community and is popularly kwon for playing Batch all the time. Many would tune to this station when tired of pop and is now the time for musical equanimity.

free radio music

#14. LBC

This is a London based radio station which recently changed its slogan from “London’s biggest Conversation” to “Leading Britain’s Conversation”. Notable program include the Weekday Breakfast Show from 7-10 am every weekday by Nick Ferrari. This particular program is capable of delivering news, interviews, and reactions from listeners as well as sports coverage.

free radio music

#15. Planet Radio City

This is an India based radio station which offers a variety of amazing high quality streams. This radio station is enjoying massive listeners due to a large number of Indian population and Chinese as well. The popular program highlights include Indie music, electronica, Bollywood Soundtracks and not forgetting the popular music for meditation.

free radio music

#16. ROCK Radio

ROCK Radio is run by kwon to also make hard-edged, Bourne Identification Surveillance tools. The most popular programs topics range from drama and comedy, suspense and fiction. There is a strict accurate schedules and notable highlights include British Comedy, The Navy Lark, and Yes Minister just to mention but a few.

free radio music

#17. Radio Free Brooklyn

This New York based radio station grants DJs absolute control over their shows free from either managerial or commercial interference. There is surely a lot of creativity in this radio station and features shows like eclectic music show Ear Hammer usually played on Friday, 11.00 am GMT as well as the interview Program Radio Curious aired on Wednesdays, 4:30 pm GMT.

free radio music

#18. Time Capsule Audio Network

This amazing radio station based in Nova, Scotia offers the history of pure enticing 20th century music. The schedule is such the century into seven segments beginning from 100 to 1939 every Monday and ends with 1990-1999 on Sunday. The stream integrates popular music with the lesser known one for better listening experience.

free radio music

#19. Pitchfork Radio

The radio station launched two decades ago by a record store employee whose intention was to curb the niche for an online magazine, is now becoming a popular music radio station worldwide. It majorly play pop, electronic and indie songs.

free radio music

#20. Radio Dismuke

This is a Fort Worth, Texas based online radio station which plays Jazz music of the 20th Century. It stares various personalities like Marlene Dietrich, Duke Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton. Moreover, it is a 24 hour radio station thus, you can tune in any time.

Part 3: Top 10 Hot Live FM Music Radio Free

free music stations

#1. Radio Musical De Cuba 99.1 FM

Radio Musical De Cuba is a perfect choice radio station for more fun and energizing sounds. This Havan based radio station showcases constant Cuban sounds. This radio station could be nice with a glass of rum and a cigar as you stream the Cuban musical culture.

free music stations


KUTX FM is an Austin, Texas based radio station airing an array genre specific music highlights like Indie, pop, disco, and Latin among others. The radio station is owned and operated by the University of Texas. For new and unexpected music mix, then this should be a perfect place for you.

music radio stations

#3. KISS

KISS 100 is no doubt one of the most popular hit radio stations across UK. The radio station music highlights include hop, pop, R&B, and electronic just to mention but a few. KISS 100 also airs on DAB Digital Radio.

music radio stations

#4. WWOZ 90.7

The New Orleans city based radio station is the ideal jazz, soul, R&B, and bounce music house. The selection of the music highlights is largely driven by the jazz tradition largely embraced in the city.

free music radio station

#5. Resonance FM 104.4FM

Resonance FM is a London, UK based radio station which has seen great improvement in its website and schedules. The radio station hosts over 100 regular series on nearly every possible topic. Notable program highlights include fare like indie-rock as well as sound specials and those programs with focus on third world countries development.

free music radio station

#6. Dublab 99.1FM

Dublab is a Los Angeles based radio station which is a reminiscence that there is more than movies in the great city of Los Angeles. Wonderful beat music rocks the station’s music lineup with DJ’s offered absolute control over their programs and so creativity flourishes with terrific range of music guaranteed.

music stations online

#7. Reprezent 103.7FM

This London, UK based radio station started broadcasting back in the year 2011 upon its launch across London. Unlike most other radio stations, this one is well kwon for hiring young broadcasters below the age of 25 due to energy and great enthusiasm related with the young group.

music stations online

#8. Worldwide FM

As the name implies, the radio station sources its music from across the world. The new radio station co-founded by two experience radio presenters one being Gilles Peterson broadcasts out of north east London.

free music radio stations

#9. KCOU 88.1FM

KCOU is definitely a top US University radio station which is owned and run by the University of Missouri. The hot program highlights ranges from a wide range of musical genres from jazz to ambient soundscapes. The student centered and well run station website features a music blog that makes it worth a look.

free music radio stations

#10. Magic 105.4

Magic 105.4 is a popular radio station in UK rated among the best 10 FM radio stations in UK. This London based radio station is owned by the Bauer plays the adult contemporary music which is becoming the common trend in the current radio program setup.

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