There are many exceptional free FM radio stations ranging from those offering local to worldwide programming content. In fact, the current setup has been much revolutionized by the great advancements in the software industry. You don’t have to worry about your geographical location as you can just stream your favorite FM radio stations for free over the internet. Just access the site and relax to enjoy the station of your choice anywhere and at any time.

Part 1: Best Radio Recorder for Local Live FM Radio Stations

iMusic is the best radio download solution tool equipped with tones of useful features perfectly integrated for standout user experience. The simple and straightforward interface, amazing speed and several editing features makes it a must-have all-in-one media tinker tool. If you are stuck between a rock and a hard place wandering for the best radio downloader tool, then iMusic is the ideal solution. There are many users across the globe who have experienced the amazing capabilities offered by this tool and can’t be wrong recommending iMusic. The FM radio station recorder has the capability to record and download your favorite radio programs much easier than you expected.

iMusic - Easily Download Live FM Radio Stations and Music

  • Music Recorder which help record any online FM radio station, music or live sessions from any online radio page.
  • Support download of video and music from more than 3000 music sharing platforms such as Spotify, Vevo, YouTube, Facebook, Jamendo, etc.
  • Easily transfer both downloaded and desktop files between devices with much ease using a suitable media like USB cable.
  • Fix entire iTunes Library by cleaning up any dead or broken tracks, correct the mislabeled songs as well as removal of duplicated tracks within the iTunes Library.
  • Powerful toolbox which offers additional features for more media solutions like recovery of iTunes Library, backup iTunes as well as removal of music DRM protection on your device.
  • In case you accidentally lose your original iTunes Library or purchased a new computer, this program would let you restore your iTunes Library or transfer to the new computer.

How to Record Local FM Radio Stations

Step 1. Run the FM radio recorder

Launch the local FM radio station recorder program on your computer and go to the “GET MUSIC” menu.

fm radio stations

Step 2. Record local FM radio

On the “GET MUSIC” window, locate and click the “Record” button to ready the program for recording. Open the radio station and as it plays, the program automatically records whatever is playing in that particular station. Both the cover and artist would be added to the file for ease of file identification on iTunes Library. Navigate to the “LIBRARY” menu then hit the recording icon to locate the recorded Radio file.

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Optional: How to download FM radio station or music from URL

Step 1. Run the iMusic application on your computer and go to the “GET MUSIC” window.
Step 2. Visit the respective video site, copy the video URL and paste it on the “Paste URL” box in the programs primary interface.
Step 3. Choose output format and hit “Download” button.

fm radio stations

Part 2: Top 15 Live Local FM Radio Stations in US

live radio stations

#1. Dublab 99.1FM

Dublab is a Los Angeles internet based radio station which is a perfect choice for fans whose interest lies on the emerging beat music. The radio station hosts the DJ universe prowess every five days in a week. Stream Dublab radio station to enjoy world super DJs including Daedelus, Teebs, and Flying Lotus among others.

live radio stations

#2. KXRY 107.1FM

The Portland, Oregon based independent radio station is a popular hit around the city. The station offers a variety of music selection as well as progressive talk programming. There are up to 70 part time DJs who have been showcasing their cutting edge since the launching of the radio station back in 2012.

live radio stations

#3. KEXP 90.3FM

This is a popular public hot live fm radio station in Seattle. The radio station was formed following the partnership of the University of Washington and Paul Allen’s Experience Music Project. Apart from its amazing live studio sessions, the radio station is also known for showcasing upcoming bands.

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#4. KCRW 89.9FM

The Santa Monica, California radio station is an NPR member station founded in the year 1945 meant to train ex-servicemen in the radio which was an emerging technology then. Currently, the radio station is a great place to listen to emerging and well selected music mix. There is also a show duped Morning Becomes Electric which features new music and live performance from Indie artists.

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#5. KUTX 98.9FM

This Austin, Texas radio station is owned and operated by the University of Texas. The radio station showcase an array of genre-specific programming such as Indie, pop, disco, and Latin among others. If you want to find new and unexpected music, then this is the place to be.

radio station apps

#6. WFMU 91.1FM

This New Jersey based independent radio station is definitely one of the oldest radio stations in US and also among the top rated internet stations. WFMU is a listener-funded station featuring a range of electric shows for at least anyone to find something to enjoy. However, the free-form formatting can a times force listeners to switch elsewhere.

am radio stations

#7. WWOZ 90.7

This is a New Orleans city fm radio station which showcase the popular New Orleans jazz, soul, R&B, and bounce every single day. The center-piece of their selection is largely influenced by the jazz tradition embraced in the city.

am radio stations

#8. WQXR 105.9FM

This is a popular classic hit music station not only in New York but the rest of the world. Apart from being the oldest running radio station in the world, this fm station features among the to internet stations. When in a hunt for best music for study or work, then tune it to this radio station and enjoy this experience.

am radio stations

#9. KUSF 90.3FM

This is no doubt a popular radio station in San Francisco owned by the University of San Francisco. Its programming is largely derived from the Californian selections providing listeners with rare warm weather jams.

streaming radio stations

#10. Radio Free Brooklyn

Radio Free Brookline in New York is a community owned radio station that is run from the basement of a bike shop. This radio station offers a lot interesting and independent programs featuring captivating talks and music shows.

streaming radio stations

#11. KCOU 88.1FM

This is another smashing US University radio station which has formed a solid base on internet radio. The radio station is being owned and run by the University of Missouri, and showcase hot programs ranging from a vast range of musical genres from jazz to ambient soundscapes. Their website is undoubtedly well run and quite efficient with student centered music blog that makes it worth a look.

streaming radio stations

#12. Clocktower Radio

Clocktower radio is an old popular radio station in New York. The station broadcasts from the historical tower, New York’s Clocktower Building which was then the heart of the city’s art in the 1970’s and 80’s. The programs hosted include music, interviews, documentaries as well as new pieces by some of the top world artists. You can listen to their original on-demand content on the station’s website.

local radio station

#13. WGLT 89.1fm

This is a popular and generally good radio station of the University of Illinois. It is located in the town of Normal and features hot programs like blues and Jazz.

local radio station

#14. KALZ FM

KALZ FM has a slogan “The Valley’s Next Generation of Talk”. The California based radio station is owned by the iHeartMedia group and broadcasts to Fresno California area. This fm station was started in 1980 and initially broadcasted as smooth jazz 96.7. Later in 1998 to July 2006, the radio station began broadcasting as Alice 102.7 and currently broadcasts also in two HD channels.

local radio station

#15. WIHT 99.5 FM

This is a top 40 formatted radio station based in Washington, D.C. The radio station broadcasts 24/7 and is owned by iHeart media group.

Part 3: Top 15 Hot Live Local FM Radio Stations in UK

local radio station app

#1. BBC Radio 6 94.9FM

In 2002, BBC Radio 6 was launched by the BBC becoming the first new station to be created by BBC for more than three decades. The channel lays its focus on alternative music across the globe. By tuning to this radio, you are in a position to listen to virtual all genres like guitar music, souls, jazz, and classic. It is available on 707 Sky in UK only.

local radio station app

#2. NTS Radio

NTS Radio was founded in the year 2011 by Boiler Room co-creator Femi Adeyemi. The radio station provides a wide range of selection of both live and prerecorded music. It offers them in diverse genres often associated with the most influential world artists. The slogan of the radio station is “Don’t Assume” and hosts more than 200 hosts on regular basis. the list of popular artists who have curated content for NTS Radio include Thurston Moore, Gilles Peterson, Peanut Butter Wolf, and Floating Points just to mention but a few.

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#3. BBC World Service

This is a worldwide arm of BBC meant to provide coverage of notable happenings across the globe, interesting interviews, sports as well as travels. BBC is widely known on airing of global political news, breaking news and many other hot topics across the world. BBC ensures that you are up-to-date with world’s major events.

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#4. Resonance FM 104.4FM

Resonance FM is a London based radio station hosting about 100 regular series on virtually all possible subjects. There are several programs ranging from fare like indie-rock to sound specials without forgetting those programs whose focus is on development of third world countries. Despite the eclectic schedule, this radio station is still capable of maintaining variety of series with more general appeal.

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#5. Reprezent 103.7FM

Reprizent is a UK based fm radio station broadcasting across London since its launch in 2011. Surprisingly, it is the only radio station in UK broadcasted by young people below the age of 25. The inspiration behind this age group choice is the energy and enthusiasm associated with the young group. The DJs who work in the station run their own clubs and produce their own music. The predominant music in their playlist is dance and new urban music.

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#6. Worldwide FM

This is a new radio station in UK which broadcasts out of north east London. As depicted by the name, the radio station sources its music from across all corners of the globe. The two co-founders have a wealth of experience in the radio industry and knew exactly what they were doing. Gilles Peterson has worked for pirate radio and BBC for example.

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#7. Salford Radio

Salford Radio station provides the locals with perfect community programming whose focus is on the local community issues and stories from other worlds. There is also a large selection of music genres with the station featuring about 80 original programs. One notable contributor is the former Hacienda DJ Graeme Park.

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#8. Magic 105.4

Magic 105.4 features among the top fm radio stations in UK. The Bauer owned radio station is based in London and showcases adult contemporary music. It began operation back in 1990 as Melody fm and is available in London on 105.4 fm on digital radio, app as well as on DTV.

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#9. KISS

KISS is definitely a popular UK fm radio station broadcasting 100 fm in London. The various music genres include hop, pop, R&B, and electronic among others. The radio station also broadcasts on DAB Digital Radio. Apart from music, there are other hour-long dedicated programs.

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#10. Planet Rock 105.2FM

This is another top UK radio station owned by Bauer. It broadcasts classic rock music and is available on Sky, Virginia Media, and online.

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#11. The Hits

The Hits is a Castlefield, Manchester based UK fm radio station known for contemporary pop music. It first aired in April 2003 and is available on Freeview digital Television and online.

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#12. Absolute Radio

Absolute Radio is one of the most popular fm stations in UK. The West Midlands based radio station plays popular rock music and is available on DAB and medium waves as 105.8 fm.

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#13. Capital FM

Capital Fm is a contemporary independent hit radio station also offering news, entertainment, speech, and showbiz. It is available on 103. 4 in the Capital Northwest and Wales.

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#14. Eagle Radio 96.4

This is an independent radio station broadcasting for West Surrey and North east Hampshire. The radio station was launched in 1996 and is owned by UKRD group. Most played songs include pop and contemporary adult music.

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#15. KL.FM 96.7

This UK based radio station is located in King’s Lynn, Norfolk England. The predominant format is the contemporary hit radio and news. The station was launched in July 1992 and is currently owned by the UKRD Group.

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