You loving gaming, having your Xbox One and you are wondering if you can listen Spotify music on it? Well keep reading this article as it gives you a solution on how listen Spotify on Xbox One. We will first give a tutorial on how to get Spotify app on your Xbox One, and then share how to download Spotify music on Xbox One for Offline listening without paying.

Part 1. How to Get and Listen to Spotify On Xbox One

The long-awaited service of integration of Spotify on Xbox one console was announced in August 2017. This means that you can get access to Spotify music playlist on your game console, browse music and listening to music in the background without any interruptions. However, this only available in 34 countries hence you have to verify before you think of installing Spotify on Xbox one. If you are fortunate that is available in your country you can proceed and learn how to install Spotify on your Xbox One device.

Step 1. Begin by downloading Spotify Music-Xbox one on the Microsoft store. When you click on “Get app” it will notify you that the app will be installed on your internal hard drive. Proceed to download. Once you have clicked on “Get” Spotify for Xbox One will be installed immediately.

spotify xbox one

Step 2. After that, you can now log in to your Spotify account. You will get different options on how you want to log in to your Spotify. You can either join using the same network as your device, open Spotify on your phone or tablet, choose device from the list or get other ways to login. Choose the preferred option.

spotify xbox one

Step 3. Once you have logged in you can start browsing music. If you opted to use it from your phone then you can just play music right from Spotify on your phone. You can pause and skip songs too.

spotify xbox one

Awesome! If when you start gaming while you have played the song, they will be played on the background.

Part 2. The Best Spotify Music Downloader for Xbox One

What if you want to download Spotify Music on your computer? It is simple. You need the best Spotify Music Downloader known as iMusic, which allows you to download music from Spotify as well as other Music sites such As YouTube, SoundCloud, Pandora and others. This software also has an add on that you can install on your browser and download music files within a click. Moreover, iMusic software supports download of music in MP3 and MP4. All the files are downloaded are of high quality. Furthermore, iMusic software has other key features highlighted below.

iMusic - 1 Click Download Music from Spotify to Xbox One

  • Inbuilt-music library that you can always browse and download your favorite songs.
  • Equipped with a music recorder that can record music from any supported music with the ID3 tags being added to your music recordings.
  • Transfer music between your computer and Android device and iOS device. It can also sync music from your device and iTunes library.
  • Backup your music files from your Android to iTunes library as well as restore iTunes Library even on Windows PC.
  • Reliable software when it comes to removal of DRM protections from files.

How to Download Spotify Music to Xbox One

Step 1. Download and install iMusic

First download and install this Spotify downloader on your computer, then open iMusic software on your computer and click on “GET MUSIC” button and then click on “Download” button.

spotify on xbox one

Step 2. Choose songs from Spotify and Paste URL to Download

A new window will appear with the supported sites being displayed at the bottom. Click on “Spotify” option, log in and search for the music that you want to download. Once you have identified the song to download, the program will allow you to choose the output format that you want to download. Choose either MP3 or MP4 format. After that click on “Download” and the program will download the file and save under Music Library menu.

spotify on xbox one

Step 3. Transfer Downloaded Spotify to Xbox One

Since iMusic supports Android devices and iOS devices you will have to transfer your music to any of these devices and later play them on Xbox one from your phone. Connect your Android device to the computer using a USB cable. If you have enabled the USB debugging the program should detect it immediately and you will see “DEVICE” button appear. Click on Music icon at the top left and then hover the cursor to the top right and click on “Add>Add Files” option.

xbox one spotify

From there, you can now get to see files on your computer. Select the music files that you want to transfer and open them with the program. By doing so, the files will be added directly to your device and you can stream the offline Spotify music on your Phone to Xbox one and enjoy your gaming.

xbox one spotify

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