YouTube to MP3 is a hot topic that people would like to discuss on the Internet. With a YouTube downloader, people can easily download videos from YouTube, however, if people want to find YouTube downloader MP3 utility, they may find it difficult to get the best result. This post will introduce a best YouTube downloader MP3 kit to you, and also introduces how this program can solve the download issue easily.

Best YouTube Downloader MP3 - YouTube

Best YouTube Downloader MP3 Tool - iMusic

iMusic is a great choice for the users who want to odwnload YouTube to MP3. This program enables users to get the work done with one click, and it also makes it easy for the users to discover the music they want to listen to. The following part will introduce how this program works.

iMusic - Most Excellent Spotify to MP3 Downloader

  • Download music from over 10,000 music and video sites.
  • Record music in original quality and automatically split the ads.
  • Discover and download music from more than 300,000 songs.
  • Transfer music between any two devices directly without iTunes.
  • Fix music library intelligently with correct ID3 tags.

How This YouTube Downloader Works

Step 1. Download and install iMusic, then start it on your computer. Then choose DOWNLOAD option at the top middle.

Best YouTube Downloader MP3 - Start iMusic

Step 2. Go to YouTube and find the music video you need, then copy the video URL.

Best YouTube Downloader MP3 - Find Music in YouTube

Step 3. Paste the video URL into the column of iMusic, and choose MP3 as an output. Then click the Download button to start downloading YouTube to MP3.

Best YouTube Downloader MP3 - Paste URL

Step 4. When the software has downloaded the music video, it will convert it to MP3 and fix the music tags automatically. You can view the music files by clicking ITUNES LIBRARY and clicking the down arrow icon.

Best YouTube Downloader MP3 - Locate Downloaded Music

Other YouTube Downloader MP3 Friendly

Following are the three other YouTube MP3 downloaders fpr the users to download YouTube videos to MP3.

1. Easy MP3 Downloader

It is one of the best programs that enables user to download YouTube to MP3 with ease. The price of the program is $30 for single user license. When the users want to find a YouTube downloader MP3 supported program, this one can be taken into consideration.

Best YouTube downloader mp3 - Easy MP3 Downloader

2. Hot MP3 Downloader

The Hot MP3 Downloader makes it easy for the users to download YouTube to MP3. The program has powerful features which enables users to download YouTube to MP3 without any issue, and it has a free trial so that the users are able to know whether this program is good for them

Best YouTube downloader mp3 - Hot MP3 Downloader

3.Speed MP3 Downloader

Another good choice when it comes to YouTube downloader MP3 issues. The program will help users to finish the task without any issue, and it makes the whole process easy to be done. If people want to download YouTube to MP3, they can give this program a try. The price of the program is $25.

Best YouTube downloader mp3 - Speed MP3 Downloader

Comparison Table

The comparison table unveils the differences among all the mentioned programs, and it will help users to get a better knowledge of the mentioned programs.

Metrics Price Customer support Fixing album issues Device transfer Supporting sites Playlist offerings


$39.95 Life Time Yes Yes 1000+ Yes

Hot Mp3

$20 No No No Not defined No

Speed Mp3

$25 No No No Not defined No
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