To download music or songs in your iPhone, you can get many simple music download app for iPhone on Apple’s app store. There are different apps built with different features other than downloading like music player, music managers and streaming services. In this article, we have listed 15 best music download app for iPhones that you can install today. Check this article to find your favorite iPhone music download app.

Part 1. Best music download app for iPhone, Android, Mac and PC

Although nowadays music download apps are suitable to download music on iPhone, you can try music downloader pro like iMusic to easily download music from music sites in 1 click for either Mac Windows computers, or mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, iPad, etc. iMusic downloader pro has an inbuilt browser and it supports over 3000 music sites for iPhone music download. Besides, you can always take this music downloader as a powerful music discovery channel as it collects all the hot tracks from YouTube, Spotify, Vevo, MTV, Jamendo, Audiomack, and other music apps and sites.

iMusic - Best music downloader app to Discover and Download Music for iPhone

  • Discover and download music to iPhone or Android devices from more than 3000 music sites from URL in 1 click.
  • Record audios or music tracks from any online music sites and save them on your computer or mobile devices.
  • Fix missing tags, missing covers, clean broken songs and delete duplicate tracks on your iTunes library.
  • Help import music from mobile device to computer, as well as transfer music from your computer to your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android phone.
  • Manage your music library, you can rebuild iTunes library, backup iTunes libray and restore iTunes library.
  • Under the toolbox functionality you will be able to convert your music, create car playlist and burn CDs easily.

Guide on downloading music to iPhone with iMusic download app for iPhone

Step 1. Download and run this music download app for iPhone

Download iMusic software and then install it on your computer. After that, open it and click on “GET MUSIC” followed by “Download” button.

music download app for iphone

Step 2. Download music for iPhone

A new window will appear. You can click on the music site that you want to download music and then search for the music. On the contrary you can also paste the URL of the song on the search box on the window. When you have found the music, choose the output format and then click on “Download” button.

best music download app for iphone

Step 3. Transfer downloaded music to iPhone

After downloading the music, you can now connect your iPhone to the computer, iMusic will be able to detect your iPhone.

app for iphone to download music

Next, click on Devices and then click on music icon at the top left. From there, hover the cursor to the right and click on “Add” icon. You can click on “Add Files” or “Add Folder”. A new window will appear that will enable you select the downloaded music file. After that you can just open with the program and they will be added to your iPhone.

app to download music on iphone

Part 2: Top 15 Best Music Download Apps for iPhone

music download app for iphone

#1. Spinrilla Mixtape & Music

Another music app that you can install on your iPhone is Spinrilla app. This app has several mixtapes and music. You can browse the music and mixtapes and download them on your iPhone easily. A disadvantage with this app is that at times the music may fail to download.

music download app for iphone

#2. Deezer

Looking the description of Deezer app on App store just makes it appear on our list. This app boasts of over 40 million library of songs. The songs can be discovered according to artists, genres, favourite and playlist. You can customize flow, create playlist and stream your favourite channel. A downside of this app is that the shuffle feature keeps misbehaving thus listening to same song.

best music download app for iphone

#3. Ever Music Offline Music

There is also EverMusic offline app that allows you to download music from any cloud storage. The supported cloud storages includes; Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, SMB and MEGA among others. With Everoffline music app you can create bookmarks, manage music and discover music easily. However, this app may crash when you play music for long uninterruptedly.

app for iphone to download music

#4. Spotify Music

Spotify has a mobile app that allows you stream and download music to your iPhone. This app is well organized since you can play the music of your favourite artist or genre. Other than that, you can shuffle music and create a customized playlist that you can download. To enjoy unlimited streaming of music on Spotify then you have to subscribe the premium version.

app to download music on iphone

#5. Pandora Music

Pandora Music app for iPhone allows you to download music to your iPhone. Pandora app also allows you to browse music, skip, replay and create a personalized playlist. With Pandora app, you will get music of different genres by different artists. The Pandora plus has ads and to enjoy streaming without ads with unlimited radio station you need to purchase the premium version.

iphone music download app

#6. Napster Top Music and Radio

You can also check on Napster - Topmusic and Radio app that has million of songs that you can stream without ads. You can browse songs according to favourites, albums, playlist, artists, top charts and radio stations and download them to your iPhone for offline listening. A demerit of this app is that it does not support iPhone X.

best app to download music on iphone

#7. Music.With.Me

Are you planning to go on trip and you want to download music on your iPhone for offline listening? Music.with.Me app comes in handy since you can download music with it and use it as music player. You can sort your music alphabetically, manage playlist, shuffle and replay music. This app is compatible with Apple TV and Bluetooth connectivity. A downfall of this app is that it has too many ads that pop up after every 5 seconds.

apps to download music on iphone

#8. Mplayer

Another music download app for iPhone that you can install is Mplayer. Although it is more of a music player than a music downloader, it actually allows you to download your favourite songs to iPhone. You can bookmark songs and alter the playback speed. It is built with advanced search and it supports Airplay. However, this app only supports audio files.

music downloader app for iphone

#9. Amazon Music

Another music download app that cannot miss on our list is Amazon Music. This app supports download of songs, playlist and album on your iPhone or iPad. Searching for Music on this app is on another level since it uses Alexa thus you just have to use your voice to search for Music. With Amazon Music you can get the latest top charts and latest top weekly releases. A downfall of this app is that it is not free and also you may incur glitches when using the app.

best music downloader app for iphone

#10. Slacker Radio

Just as the name suggests, Slacker Radio has hundreds of radio stations that you can listen to and download your favourite music. Its user interface is interactive and you can easily browse for music. Also, you can create customized playlists and play on-demand music. This app has ads and to enjoy ad free streaming then you need to purchase the app with monthly subscriptions as low as $3.99.

music download apps for iphone

#11. Tidal

Tidal app for iPhone is a free music download app with sleek interface. With the major improvements made by the developer, you can easily browse the 40 million songs and over 130, 000 videos without ads. You can download music for offline listening according to albums, playlist, genres or songs. Tidal app boasts of high audio quality and high definition of music videos. You can also create your playlist on Tidal. However, this site does not allow you to search files in alphabetical order.

app to download music to iphone

#12. Music Cloud Streamer

Music Cloud Streamer is another useful iPhone music downloader. Other than downloading songs to your phone, you can save them in cloud storage. It has automated playlist and a great music manager. You can shuffle, repeat music and it supports background music playback. This app is large in size since it occupies 107.4MB of your iPhone.

best app to download music iphone

#13. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is another music download app for iPhone with over 40 million music tracks. All these songs you can browse the according to song title, artist, genre, album or playlist and download to your iPhone for offline listening. On Google play Music apps are recommended according to mood, activity, location, taste and others. A con of this app is that the audio quality is poor and does not work well with CarPlay.

best music downloading app for iphone

#14. Microsoft Groove

Microsoft Groove for iPhone allows you to download music from OneDrive, Xbox or Computer and from online music sites. You can filter songs, shuffle playlist and pause music. Microsoft Groove also allows you to upload music to cloud storage including MP3 files. This app has a great user interface but to download the songs you have to pay for premium services.

best music download apps for iphone

#15. SounHound - Music Discovery

Another app that could not miss our list is SounHound- Music Discovery that has millions of songs. It has million of songs that you can stream and download them to your iPhone directly. Unlike other apps this app allows you create playlist and share them to your friends on Facebook and Twitter. However, this software has many pop ads that interrupt your listening.

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