When you want to download music to your iPhone, you need to have a music downloader on your iPhone. There are a lot of apps available on iTunes AppStore that you can install. This article is gonna share best 10 free MP3 downloader for iPhone, but before we look at that, let us look at the best MP3 downloader for iPhone known as iMusic software.

Part 1. Best MP3 Downloader for iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows PC

The ideal software that you need for MP3 music download is iMusic. This MP3 music downloader for iPhone has fast download speeds, and it allows you to download music from over 3000 sites. The downloaded music is of high-quality sound. Other than that, iMusic supports download of videos in MP4 format. See below other outstanding features of this MP3 music downloader for iPhone.

iMusic - Download MP3 to iPhone from 3000+ Music Sites

  • iMusic software can download MP3 music to iPhone from the 3000 sites with the ID 3 tags being added correctly.
  • This MP3 music downloader lets you transfer music files from computer, iTunes library to your iOS device and Android phone and vice versa.
  • With iMusic software you can rebuild iMusic library easily, backup iTunes and restore iTunes library whenever a disaster strikes.
  • Built with an inbuilt music library that allows you to discover music according to top artist, genres, top charts.
  • iMusic has a toolbox that has media converter, car playlist creator, CD burner and DRM protection remover.
  • Help record any live sessions playing on your Mac or Windows PC from any unable to download site.

Guide on how to download MP3 to iPhone

Step 1. Run the MP3 downloader for iPhone

First of all, download and install this MP3 downloader for iPhone on your Mac or PC, click on “GET MUSIC” icon on the home window and then click on “Download” button.

free mp3 download for iphone

Step 2. Download MP3 music to iPhone

Next, choose the site that you want to download the MP3 music from such as Spotify or SoundCloud and search for the music. Once you have found the music, click on “MP3” and click on “Download” and the MP3 file will be downloaded and stored on music library.

best mp3 downloader for iphone

How to transfer downloaded MP3 to iPhone

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and the program will detect it immediately. Click on “Device” option and then click on music icon at the top left. A list of music will appear.

mp3 downloader for iphone

Step 2. Next, a list of music will appear. Move to the top right and click on “Add” then select “Add Files” option. A new window will appear, select the MP3 music files that you want to transfer to your iPhone and finally click on “Open” button.

download mp3 to iphone

Part 2: Top 10 Downloader App to Download MP3 on iPhone

iphone mp3 downloader

#1. Trebel Music

With Trebel music you will not just download MP3 music but also albums and playlist. You can personalize playlist, sync music library, and use it to play music offline. Trebel music is built with technology that saves your battery when playing music offline. However, this software does not allow multitasking when downloading music.

free mp3 downloads for iphone

#2. Spotify Music

Spotify Music is a multilingual app on app store that allows you play music, stream music and download them for offline music in MP3 format. With Spotify app, you can also create playlist, shuffle playlist and browse music according to moods. However, to download the music files you should subscribe for premium services, which are costly.

iphone download mp3

#3. Deezer MP3 Music

This app also allows you to stream and download MP3 music to your iPhone. You can explore music according to genres, artist and songs. Its user interface is simple making it easier to browse the 43 million music libraries.

mp3 download for iphone

#4. EverMusic Offline

You can also download Evermusic software, which supports download of music to iPhone. You can download music from cloud storages and play them with Evermusic offline app. A con of this app is that it stops when you play music for long.

download mp3 on iphone

#5. Free Music Online Manger

This app is an MP3 music downloader as well as music MP3 player. Other than that you can play music in cloud storage, play favorite and play music according to moments. Although this app looks fine, it may crash when playing music.

download youtube mp3 iphone

#6. SoundCloud Music

Another good app that you can install for MP3 download on iPhone is SoundCloud Music. This app had over 120 million free music that are downloadable. You can discover music, share music and create playlists. SoundCloud is easy to easy and it has music of different genres. However, to do away with ads you have to go for premium service.

download mp3 iphone

#7. Musi

Musi is popularly known for its streaming services. You can browse music from YouTube, create playlists, edit songs, and record MP3 music on your iPhone. Moreover, you can share your music playlist with friends and stream music on Airplay connected device. A con of this app is that the latest update does not allow you to listen to offline music without being connected to Wi-Fi.

mp3 download iphone

#8. MusicLoad

MusicLoad app is that lets you download MP3 music straight on your iPhone. You can search for music, browse top artists music, and manage playlists. It also allows you to connect with cloud storage, sync music and play music. This app has ads and you have to pay $1.99 to remove ads.

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#9. Unlimited Music MP3 Player

Just as the name suggests, Unlimited Music MP3 player has unlimited number of music audio and videos that you can download. Also, it allows you create playlist from Facebook likes and shares. It can stream music from YouTube and iTunes library as well. The downside of this app is that it does not support background play of music.

mp3 downloader iphone

#10. MusicCloud

MusicCloud app is another app that enables you to download MP3 music for offline listening. Other than that, you can download sync music, manage your music library and create playlists. The negative side of this app is that, it crashes when you are playing music.

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