How to Use iMusic

An ultimate all-in-one music manager to download music, transfer music between iPhone/iPad/iPod and iTunes/Mac, and clean up music collection.

Backup and Restore iTunes Library

iMusic has the feature of backing up your iTunes library. Files including music, playlists, smart playlists, movies, podcasts, home videos and more can be backed up to your computer. Whenever you need, you can use the backup files to restore your iTunes library.

Video Tutorial: iTunes Backup and Restore by iMusic

Step 1: Run iMusic and Click TOOLBOX

Download and install iMusic on your computer. Next launch the software and click “TOOLBOX” menu on the top of the software. Then, click “BACKUP/RESTORE ITUNES LIBRARY”.

backup itunes library

Step 2: Choose Backup Option

Click “Backup” option in the new pop-up window.

backup itunes library

Step 3: Start to Backup iTunes

Check file types you want to backup in the next window and set up the destination for your computer to save the backup file. Click “Backup”.

backup itunes library

When the backup process is done, you can see the message “Congratulations! Your iTunes Library is backed up”.

backup itunes library

How to Restore iTunes Library

Click “Restore”.

backup itunes library

In the following window, choose the iTunes Library backup file from your computer and the items to restore. Click “Restore”.

There are 2 models to restore iTunes Library:

1)- Restore iTunes library based on the current one and content on the iTunes library will not be erased.

2)- Delete content on the currently one and restore a new iTunes Library. To choose this option, you need to check “Delete current iTunes library before restoring from backup”. Think about your needs before you take action.

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