Deezer is a global music subscription service that is available in more than 180 countries. And today, the Deezer app is available in the Windows Store. With the app, Windows 8 and Window 10 users can enjoy up to a year’s worth of unlimited ad-supported access to Deezer’s catalogue of 20 million tracks on your Windows PC and/or tablet at no cost. Of course, Deezer has paid plans as well if you want to enjoy ad-free music.

Part 1: How to Use Deezer on Windows PC

For Windows users have two ways to enjoy music using deezer: Login deezer account on the websiste or download Deezer app for window:

Method 1: Using Deezer on website

Step 1: Go to deezer official website, and click on "Login" on the right top, sign up an accout or can login it with your facebook or google plus accout directly

Deezer pc - Using Deezer on website step 1

Step 2: After you login it, you can discovery any music that you like and enjoy it on your window pc

Deezer pc - Using Deezer on website step 2

Method 2: Using Deezer's app for windows

Deezer’s app is pretty neat. Deezer provide apps for window 8 and window 10. Windows 10 users can download the beta version here now, and the windows 8 users can download the app from microsoft store.

Step 1: Download the right app for you windows from the link above, and install the program.

Deezer pc - Using Deezer app step 1

Step 2: Enjoy deezer music on your windows pc using deezer's app.

You essentially get a “home page” in the app that you can customize around your favorite artists and bands with playlists, album, and radio channels. You will also have access to carefully curated content from Deezer’s local editorial teams to discover fresh new artists or new albums and songs from your favorite artists.

Deezer pc - Using Deezer app step 2

On top of that, you’ll of course be able to take advantage of features specific to Windows 8! For example – the Deezer app utilizes Windows 8’s background audio controls (shown in the above screenshot). This means you can easily switch tracks while doing things in other apps. The Deezer app makes it really easy to find artists, albums or songs by taking of taking advantage of the Search charm. And the Deezer app also supports snap so you can listen to your music while doing things in other apps – like looking at new recipes, browsing the web or checking email.

Deezer is the first French music website to sign an agreement with a publisher rights' organization to repay artists via advertising revenue. So, Deezer provides thousands of free music, of all styles, to the whole world. But it's pity that you can only access to Deezer music online. Normally, it's impossible for you to listen to the music from Deezer offline, for there's no download service provided by Deezer.

Part 2: How to download Deezer music for free

iMusic is a very powerful music downloader, it can not only download music from deezer directly, but also record deezer music with high quality. Afer downloading, the program will add the music tags and album covers automatically. Moreover, this music downloader has a lot of other good and usefull functions:

iMusic - Most Excellent Spotify to MP3 Downloader

  • Download music from over 10,000 music and video sites.
  • Record music in original quality and automatically split the ads.
  • Discover and download music from more than 300,000 songs.
  • Transfer music between any two devices directly without iTunes.
  • Fix music library intelligently with correct ID3 tags.

Here show you the steps to record deezer music with high qualtity:

Step 1. Download and Install this Deezer music downloader

You can install this program on either your PC or Mac simply by using the link above to download it. Just remember to pick the correct version that fits your computer. Both bear similar processes so either one will suffice as a version to illustrate here, or we have chosen the one for Windows.

The advantages of recroding function:

  • 1. Record Deezer music with 1:1 good quality
  • 2. Intelligently recognize song info, including album artwork, title and more
  • 3. Record the whole Deezer playlists in Batch and iMusic can split the songs automatically
  • 4. Schedule to record and filter out ads

Proceed to launching of the program after its installation. Thereafter a user-friendly and clean window will open as the one to your right. From here on, you are all set to record or download Deezer tunes to your computer.

Deezer pc - Download and Install iMusic

Step 2. Start to Record Deezer music

Go to GET MUSIC > RECORD, you can click the record button of iMusic first, and then find the deezer music or music playlist which you want to record, play the music, iMusic will start to record music automatically. You can stop the recording process by hitting the Record button once again. This program can download the whole Deezer playlist through recording and split the songs automatically.

Deezer pc - record deezer music

When the recording is over, you can find the recorded tracks in the Recorded folder. What is great about this program is that apart from Deezer songs being recorded or downloaded, tunes with complete tag details can be identified. These include album art, title of the song, and many more.

Step 3. Transfer the Deezer music to iTunes

Do you wish your iTunes to import songs from Deezer music? If iTunes was intalled on your computer, the recorded deezer music will be saved on the Recorded folder in your iTunes automatically. You also have the luxury of having your Deezer songs played on your movable Apple gadgets just by doing iTunes sync. More surprise thing is you can transfer the downloaded or recorded music from your PC/Mac to apple devices, android phone without iTunes using iMusic. It is easier to manage your music than using iTunes. How great is that! Give it a try and see how it feels!

Deezer pc - transfer deezer music to itunes

In addition, would you like to place your Deezer songs that have been recorded to your MP3 media player? No worries, your media player can contain or receive the recorded MP3 files imported to it. Simply give the tracks found in the Library of the program a right-click. A pop-up menu will be shown from which you must choose Open in Folder which will direct you to the MP3 folder. Finally, simply drag or copy manually to your media players. That’s it! Easy!

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