Music is an important part of our lives now and almost everyone with a smart phone has quite a substantial amount of storage reserved for music. Though hard core music lovers face an issue with their phones since the storage is limited and cannot get all their songs on their iPhone. People tend to then create playlists in their iTunes libraries to store their music but access to iTunes isn’t available all the time. Brainchild of Daniel Marhely, Deezer was launched in 2010 to tackle this problem.

Deezer is a site that allows you to make your own playlists, listen to songs, and have your own library over it. This way you don’t have to worry about any storage issues and an access to iTunes is not something you would have to consider since you can get an internet access any time with a suitable internet pack via your service provider. Deezer currently has over 5million users and the number of users for this French based site is ever growing. It has proven to be quite a competition to its competitors with number of users since it has an optional subscription free of charge.

People tend to face an issue while synchronising Deezer Music to iTunes. Given below are the steps for it.

Part 1: How to Sync Deezer Music to iTunes over your computer or laptop

1. Musicbox

• To start with your deezer iTunes synchronization process goes on to On this site you can login to your deezer account through musicbox.
• It’s necessary to have a deezer account, so in case you do not have a deezer account go to and sign up with the site.
• Either that or you can even sign up via facebook account, or a Google+ account left at your discretion. Once the account, go on to musicbox and login to deezer via musicbox.
• On opening this site you will find a tab at the centre of the screen saying Log with Deezer.
• Click on it.


2. Request for permission

• On clicking the tab, you will see another window open up on your screen
• This box contains information of what all musicbox will access upon logging in.
• It also asks for your permission to access all the information mentioned that it will access.
• Click on Accept and go ahead with the process.


3. iTunes

• Before going ahead make sure that your iTunes playlist or library is made.
• If not go ahead and make your iTunes library since that is what you would export.
• Upon saving the library, you will notice it in an .XML format.
• This is the file that has to be added.


4. Choose file

• Open the browser again
• On the site you will now see that you have successfully logged in and the option of choose file is given instead of login with deezer now.
• Click on choose file
• Upon clicking on choose file a box will appear on your screen for you to search and add the XML file you have to add.
• It is advisable to place your .xml file somewhere on the desktop prior to this step for easier locating process.
• Add the .XML file upon locating it


5. Synchronization step

• Your deezer account logged in via musicbox will now synchronize all your playlists in the library with your deezer account. This process may take time depending on your internet connection and the size of the library.
• Upon synchronization on your playlists, which will appear in a horizontal format, the term Done will come written right next to the playlist name and number of tracks.
• You can now play your playlists on deezer
• This is the deezer iTunes synchronization process.


6. Tricks to synchronize the tracks left behind

• In a case where tracks get left behind from your playlist and do not make it to your deezer account, a simple track can get them there.
• Click on the button next to the Done sign for your playlist.
• This will open your track list in the playlist.
• Edit the track name along with the artist name and click on the tab Match Again on the right side of your screen.
• Your track should now sync properly

Deezer is a widely used site and is used frequently by its users. Since it plays your music for you, you’re going to need it not only on your computers but also in your cell phones. Realising this need there is an application of deezer for its users as well. Deezer application is available both on Android and iOS. Process of downloading and installation is as follows.


Part 2: How to download Deezer Music to iTunes

If you want to download deezer music to iTunes easy, this powerful music tool will be the softeware you want to find. iMusic can download deezer music directly or record music from deezer with high quality. Afer downloading or recording, you can transer the music to your iTunes directly. Moreover, it has a lot of powerful functions for music lovers.

iMusic - Most Excellent Spotify to MP3 Downloader

  • Download music from over 10,000 music and video sites.
  • Record music in original quality and automatically split the ads.
  • Discover and download music from more than 300,000 songs.
  • Transfer music between any two devices directly without iTunes.
  • Fix music library intelligently with correct ID3 tags.

How to download deezer music to iTunes

You can download deezer music with iMusic directly, you can also record deezer music with it. here show you only recording deezer music with hight quality and transfer the music to iTunes

Step 1 Download the program from offical website , and then install it.

deezer music to itunes - step 1 with iMusic

Step 2 Go to your deezer accout and prepare for the music that you want to record. Open iMusic program, go to GET MUSIC > RECORD, click on the recording button, then play the music, iMusic will record the music.

deezer music to itunes - step 2 with iMusic

Step 3 After recording, iMusic will add the music tags and album cover automatically. Then a music with complete informations has finished. If you have installed iTunes on your computer, the recorded music be saved to the "Recorded" folder in your iTunes.
Tips: If you want to record music in batch, you don't need record one by one. Just create a playlist and record them at one time with iMusic. It can split tracks automatically.

deezer music to itunes - step 3 with iMusic

Part 3: How to download and install deezer on iOS

• Make sure you have an internet connection running on your iOS device.
• Go to AppStore.
• Search deezer
• You could also go into categories and click on music to filter the search
• Click on the install option next to the application
• It will ask or your iTunes account password. Type and click on ok
• The application will now install on your iPhone
• The link to the application is as follows :

Part 4: How to download and install deezer on Android

• Make sure you have an internet connection running on your Android device.
• Go to PlayStore.
• Search for the application deezer
• You could go in categories and filter the search
• Click on the application and download the application
• You will have successfully downloaded the application on your phone

Upon logging in to your account deezer account on your application you can all your music collection added up to your deezer account through iTunes on your phone. This deezer to iTunes synchronization can help you access all your music data even if you are low on storage.

Deezer has been a great help to the people who have a big music collection but face storage issues on their phone. Since the past 5years deezer has been assisting its users to a big collection of music by having their own vast collection of songs as well.

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