Deezer is an online music streaming service that has captivated the users since its inception and therefore it is regarded as one of the best services of all times. With competition as well as the market rivalry the overall quality as well as the easiness of use of this service has not deteriorated. The best and the most advanced techniques are embedded within the system. However it is always recommended to read the reviews of the service before it is purchased and the top Deezer reviews from the mobile users as well as the renowned websites will form the rest of the part of the tutorial that is being written.

Part 1. Top 5 deezer reviews from popular media websites

Following are the top 5 deezer reviews from the renowned websites that will let the user decide whether or not the subscription is to be purchased or the service is to be used.

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1. PC advisor

The website has actually reviewed a bunch of services to ensure that the user gets a good grip as well as knowledge. The website states that unlike other services the Deezer provides access to millions of tracks that are labeled as live tracks. This is an ability that the others lack and therefore to get hands on fresh music deezer is the ultimate key that is to be purchased.

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Deezer Reviews from PC advisor

2. Tech Radar

The website states that this service brings the best out of the music and presents it in a manner that is awesome. The overall pros of the service are great and therefore they are to be considered and Deezer is to be made the ultimate choice.

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Deezer Reviews from Tech Radar

3. What Hi-Fi

This review states that the service is well organized and supports a wide platform. The good catalogue as well as the local mp3 syncing are some of the features that other lack. The service only needs work on elite as well as the apps for android and iOS.

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Deezer Reviews from What Hi-Fi


CNET has stated that the service sound like spotify but it acts on the basis of Netflix that has made it one of the best choices of all times. The user should give it is try before purchasing any other one.

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Deezer Reviews from CNET

Part 2. Top 5 user reviews from iPhone users

Any Deezer review section is never completed without iOS or the iPhone user. Below are the reviews that have been posed by the users after the service usage:

1. Maverick

The user has stated that the application is now an essential part of the iPhone he owns. He is not only satisfied but has also rated the service 5/5 stars. The user has also praised a lot the service that is offered in combination with the Sonos speakers and has said that he is only waiting for the option that would allow him to download the songs through Wi-Fi. The overall praise level of the user is awesome when it comes to this application.

Deezer Reviews from Maverick

2. Amanda Marreel

The user states that the application is worth trying for the users who are looking for awesome when it comes to music. The application of different processes as well as the overall layout of the application has been praised to a great extent stating that the overall factor of intimidation has been eliminated totally.

3. Ky Diva

This user praised the overall functioning of the application and has said that the best features are there to support the user to every extend that is possible. The ease of use as well as the layout has been praised by assigning 5/5 stars.

Deezer Reviews from Ky Diva

4. David Disley

The user has given 4/5 stars and has said that the service is relatively steady as compared to the others in the market. The reason of the 4 stars is the fact that the application malfunctions sometimes which makes it very difficult to continue playing the songs.

5. Bibble Simien

The user has given 5/5 stars and has stated that the searching feature has to be made to the level of Shazam and therefore it requires to be worked on. The user is however satisfied with the other functionalities of the application that have been embedded.

Deezer Reviews from Bibble Simien

Part 3. Top 5 user reviews from android users

Following are the top 5 reviews that have been extracted from the Google play store

1. Kim Griffiths

The user is satisfied and says that other than Deezer it would have been impossible for him to purchase all the music as it is not only costly but the quality is also not up to the mark. The deezer has made the life easier and has made music a full filled activity that could be practiced easily.

2. Max Dollar

The user has given 4/5 stars. The app is though praised but the user says that at times it stuck or freezes on startup and this is only factor that is to be considered by the company to get 5 stars in relation t this application. The rest of the functionalities have been praised a lot.

Deezer Reviews from Max Dollar

3. Trevor Smith

The user is 62 years of age and says that Deezer makes him feel a teen again. The user praises the technology and has said that it is a very cheap way to explore music and to get the tracks of choice. The user also writes that before deezer he was completely ignorant.

4. Fany Garceau

This deezer review is highly positive and the user has used awesome language to praise the application. The wide choice of the music as well as the embedded functionalities has been admired. The user says that he feels like he is finally home when deezer app is launched.

5. Ian Edwards

The user says that the streaming service is top of the tops and the app is easy to operate. The functionalities that have been embedded for the UK customers have been praised as the user himself is from the same country and likes the way the customers are being treated.

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