Sometimes user face issues that deezer website not working or app not responding different types of problem which is really irritating while using deezer because it stops you to listen your favorite music. To overcome this problem we are going to share some tips to solve different types of problem with this articles. By using these tips you can easily understand where you are facing problem and again you can start listening your music.

Part 1: Deezer website is not responding problem

This is a very common problem with deezer when you want to listen music. Just follow the following steps to solve this issue.

Update your browser and check flash player

To solve this problem you need to update your browser first by going in the help and then clicking on about and then check for updates button.

deezer not working - update your browser

Clean cache file of your browser:

After updating also if you are facing problem then you need to check cache files of your browser because sometimes cache create a lot of problems for the user. By cleaning them may be it can works perfectly for you.

deezer not working - check cache files

Download other browser:

After cleaning your cache also if deezer not working then you can try out new browser to solve this problem just visit google and search for another browser to use.If you are tried to all of the above steps and still you are facing issues then you can try the following steps to overcome this problem:

  • Do not open so many tabs: whenever you visiting deezer on a same computer again then there are chances that deezer is not responding that can be you have opened a lot of tabs. Then try to close some tabs and check if website is started working now.

  • Check firewall settings: check the firewall of your computer that it’s recognizing dezzer as safe site or not and you can check for flash blocker also may be they are blocking your website. Check ad blocker or any security plug-ins which can be blocking your website and make sure that they recognizing deezer as a safe site.

  • Log in from different computer in your deezer account: This is the last way to recognize the problem. You can try logging in your deezer account from a different computer to solve out this problem. If you can log in and listen music from other computer the surely there is a problem in your old computer only.

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Part 2: Deezer not working on Android phone

Problem #1: not able to search for articles, albums

This is problem faced by one of the deezer user. They said that they tried to search for an artist which was done by them previously also and it was working perfectly. But now when they were loading the “My Apps/deezer” option on the squeezebox boom then they saw only “Smart radio’ option in the form.

They tried for “search’ button and then “Artists” “albums” or “Tracks”. They also tried “my music” option under deezer but it not worked.


May be you are using the free version or trail version of deezer and not its expired that’s why you are facing this problem. The only solution for this problem is that you have to buy premium version of deezer app now to use it to listen your favorite music because previously there was a bug in the application which allowed users to use it without premium account.

Problem #2: Deezer is playing some songs only for 30 seconds.

If you are using Fidelio AW2000 and having premium version of deezer then the sometimes user are facing problem of playing songs for less time. This problem comes with some songs only.


There can be a possible reason of this problem is your speaker. To solve the problem of speaker you can reset your speaker by going in setting via airstudio app and then you can try again to listen songs. Second solution for this problem can be that you deezer account is expired. Because of expired deezer accounts also this problem can occur.

Part 3: Deezer not working on iOS devices (iphone/ipad)

Ipad users are facing problem with deezer app when they update. Some user complained that when they updated deezer app to the latest version then just plain it stopped working. It allows user to log in to their deezer account but it’s not allowing them to sync or play anything. If you are also facing this type of similar issue with deezer app on your ipad then you can fix it with the following steps until deezer official doesn’t fix issue. This guide is for the latest version of IOS 8.x.x.

Step 1 To solve this problem first of all you need to visit the app store of the apple and then type “deezer” there in the search box without quotation.

deezer not working - visit the app store

Step 2 After searching deezer in the app store you will see “deezer HD” the list of search results. Now you have to look at the top left where saying “iPod only” is.

deezer not working - check deezer HD

Step 3 Now you have to click on “ipad only” then from the list you need to select “iphone only” option from the drop down menu.

deezer not working - click ipad only

Step 4 Once you have selected “iphone only” button then you will see “deezer music” in the search results on the first result.

deezer not working - select iphone only

Step 5 Now you have to download this app by clicking on the cloud shape icon or you can Get button in the front of the app

Step 6 After downloading it on your system open this app and login with your account details and it will allow you to listen music on your ipad again. Until deezer will not solve this issue officially till then only this is the only way to listen deezer music on your ipad without any problem.

Part 4: Tips to solve out deezer not working problems

Tip 1:
If you are facing issues in using deezer mobile application then the first then you can do that is delete eh app from your phone and install it again with your login credentials.

Tip 2
You must make sure that always you are using a latest version of deezer application to avoid facing problem because regularly update their app and fix bugs.

Tip 3
You can use deezer premium account to listen music. Deezer allows you to use one account on 3 devices without any extra cost with and paid only once but the problem is that you can listen music on one device at a time. It means you can’t play music on different device at the same time.

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