Downloading music from deezer and converting them in the other formats is really a very challenging job because deezer don’t allow you to convert songs in the other formats without getting a premium+ account of deezer. Even you cannot download songs to listen in the offline mode when you are using a free version of deezer. So to solve out this problem you can use other third software to convert your songs in the other formats. In this article we will tell you top 3 deezer converters.

Part 1: Best Deezer Converter

First of all I would like to recommend iMusic in front of your to record and covert your deezer music to other supported devices automatically without using any other software to convert. This is the best available deezer converter in the online market. You can do these both things with this software only. This beautiful software is available for you to record and convert your music to the other formats from the home of wondershare which produce really great software to use and make your life simple and easier. This software comes with a lot of features such as fixing tags or album covert automatically and not limit about transfer between devices.

iMusic - Most Excellent Spotify to MP3 Downloader

  • Download music from over 10,000 music and video sites.
  • Record music in original quality and automatically split the ads.
  • Discover and download music from more than 300,000 songs.
  • Transfer music between any two devices directly without iTunes.
  • Fix music library intelligently with correct ID3 tags.

Key features:

• Download music from deezer and other 10000+ music/video sharing sites and convert them
• Record music from deezer in high quality.
• Convert your recorded or downloaded music automatically when you transfer it to other devices.
• Automatically fix incomplete id3 information such as album covert, song name etc.
• Replace mp4 files to the mp3 format.
• Record music in the quality what you listening on your computer.
• Download music by pasting url also
• Allows you to get your music by 3 ways by pasting url or by recording music or by discover option.
• You can discover music from the inbuilt library also.
• Directly transfer music from other devices.
• No limit to transfer music to other devices.
• Transfer music from any other device to any device.
• Allows you to use itnes with android phone also not any other software can do it.
• Manage your itunes libraries without any restrictions.
• Create your personal custom mixtape CD easily if you want to create it.
• Professional inbuilt music play to play songs
• Song sharing option to share your music with your friends

How to download/record deezer music then convert them

Now we are going to discuss with you that how get deezer music and then convert your music file in the other formats using iMusic. iMusic allows you to get you music in 2 ways. Now we are going to discuss about those 2 ways first.

Method 1: By recording way

Step 1. To get help of this software to record or download your deezer music and convert them in the other formats you need download it for windows or mac. Once you have downloaded this beautiful software on your pc or mac then after downloading run by double clicking on the iMusic icon and open user interface of iMusic

Deezer Converter - recording way step 1

Step 2.after running it on your computer or mac open deezer and login with your login details and then play your favorite song which you want to record from there.

Deezer Converter - recording way step 2

Step 3. Once your song is started playing just open user interface of iMusic and click on record tab just like the below screenshot and click on record button which you can find in the bottom middle of record window. As soon as you will click on the record button it will start recording of your track from deezer.

Deezer Converter - recording way step 3

Step 4. Now when iMusic will finish recording of your songs then you can find it in the music library of the iMusic. Now you will be able to share your recorded music with your friends or transfer to any device and it will automatically convert your music to the other supported format according to the device and now it will work as deezer downloader as well as deezer converter also. 

Deezer Converter - recording way step 4

Method 2: By download button

Step 1. To download music from deezer in bulk such as a whole playlist this way is the best way. You just need to login to your deezer account and copy url of the playlist.

Deezer Converter - downloading way step 1

Step 2.Once you have copied url of your deezer playlist open iMusic and go to download tab and then paste url of your deezer playlist in the url section which you can found in the middle then click on the download button to start your downloading.

Deezer Converter - downloading way step 2

Step 3. After completing your download you can find your downloaded deezer playlist in the music library of iMusic. After downloading playlist to your pc it will automatically detect all the information about the playlist such as album cover song information. Now you are able to transfer your music to the other device also it will automatically convert you music to the supported device format.

Deezer Converter - downloading way step 3

Converting to other format

The great thing of iMusic is that you don’t need to do anything special to convert your songs in the other format. You just need to transfer your songs to the other devices. It will automatically convert in the supported format of other device.

Step 1. To transfer and convert your music automatically to the other format just go in device menu of iMusic and then connect your device it will automatically detect your device.

Deezer Converter - convert deezer music to other format step 1

Step 2. Once your device is connected you will see all the option. Now just visit music library of iMusic and right click on your recorded or downloaded song then you will see an option of Add to move you cursor here and then select you device. Once you clicked on your device it will automatically transfer your song and automatically convert in the supported format of the device.

Deezer Converter - convert deezer music to other format step 2

Part 2: Other 2 deezer music converters

i-Sound Recorder

So many people are there who loves to visit dezer because they would like to listen deezer songs. You can find out every song on this website. So from some of those people who loves to listen deezer music they want to convert those songs in the other formats also. This is also a good deezer converter to do this task. Such as convert deezer to mp3 format for their collection. So for those types of user i-Sound Recorder also there. This software has the capability of recording music from the deezer and known as deezer converter also. Because it is able to convert recorded music to the other formats or editing your audio files and many more functionalities. This software is able to record music from mostly all music streaming sites.

Key features:

• Record music in high quality.
• Record your own voice.
• .mp3 as the most used audio formats
• directly record audio from the speaker of your laptop.
• comes with advanced task scheduler to schedule downloads later.
• It is able to edit recordings after recording.
• It allow you to manage your recordings.
• Automatically recognize complete song information such as album, year etc.
• Embedded audio converter allows you to convert your songs in the various formats.
• Allows you to rename or delete recording without exit from the program.
• Able to record online radio.

Deezer Converter - i-Sound Recorder

WinX YouTube Downloader

Winx youtube downloader is software to download audio and video files from the music streaming websites for free. If you are looking to download videos or audios then this software can help you to download and convert them. It can download from more than 300 music streaming sites. This deezer convert is able to convert your recorded audio files to the other formats easily. This software is available for free and free to use. You can download videos in 1080P HD or Ultra HD videos also. This software can convert you downloaded files also. You can convert your downloaded videos and audio files in the other formats also.

After downloading of your videos or audio files you can convert them to mp3, AVI, MPEG, WMV, H.264, ipad, iphone or android supported formats.

Key features:

• Convert your deezer music to the other formats.
• Work as deezer converter and downloader both.
• Convert deezer music to ipad, iphone and android supported formats.
• Supported formats by this software are MP3, AVI, WMV, ipad etc.
• Allows you to share your recordings also.
• Free to use and download
• Download or record video or audio over 300 websites.
• Support hd video formats such as 4k/8k or ultra hd videos.
• Download or record from mostly all popular websites.

Download link:

Deezer Converter - WinX YouTube Downloader

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