Anime is a Japanese word and came from animation. It is mostly used for animation videos, songs, music, movies. Now this word is very commons and used by millions of anime lovers. There are many channels available on internet which share anime videos and songs. Anime videos are there in the form of episodes of different anime series. These anime episodes are available on the anime videos and songs sharing sites as well where you can watch or download them for free. We will introduce best anime songs to download in this article today.

Part 1. Top 25 Anime OST Ever

1. Cowboy Bebop

Belongs To: Cowboy Bebop

This anime OST belongs to Cowboy bebop cartoon series. This anime OST is very popular and has powerful soundtrack. This is the best soundtrack ever made and you don’t have to search for other soundtracks if you really love this type of soundtracks.

2. Naruto Main Theme

Belongs To: Naruto

This anime OST soundtracks relates to Naruto and available on YouTube to watch free. This main theme soundtrack of Naruto gives you feeling that you are watching Naruto while listening.

3. Wolf's Rain - Heaven's Not Enough

Belongs To: Wolf's Rain

This Anime OST soundtrack is related to wolf’s rain anime series. This is a very soulful and lonely soundtrack which is perfectly realized by listeners while listening.

4. OST 2 - 01. Previous Notice

Belongs To: Code Geass

This anime OST is related to the Code Geass anime series. It is Spanish inspired music which gives it rebellious Zorro type feel.

5. Mushishi OST 1

Belongs To: Mushishi

This anime OST is related to Mushishi anime series. This OST is very simple and starts to play the moment that Mushishi series characters’ life is changed forever and the loss of loved ones. This anime series is very simple because of some sweet endings and teach you to simply live and move on.

6. StepMania Anime songs:

Belongs To: StepMania Anime

StepMania is a very popular anime series. StepMania Anime songs download is possible from the above URL. Here you can find 100 OST which is used in StepMania.

7. P4 Main Theme

Belongs To: Persona 4

This anime OST is from Persona 4 animation series and it is very cool. Persona 4 the animation OST downloads is possible from YouTube but using other download tools.

8. Dashavatar - Title Song

Belongs To: Dashavatar

This title songs is very popular and it is from the Dashavatar animated movie. Dashavatar animated movie songs mp3 download is possible by using some YouTube downloader software and online sites from the link above.

9. Original Soundtracks Ghost in the Shell

Belongs To: Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the shell original soundtracks is also available there on YouTube. While you are listening to it feeling like you are watching this animation movie. Ghost in the shell anime download option is not there on YouTube but you can listen and enjoy it online or you can use downloader software to listen offline.

10. Beautiful Creatures Song

Belongs to: Rio

This is a very beautiful creature video songs of rio animated movie. It starts with talk of four parrots and then they start singing together. Rio animated movie video song free download is possible with some downloader apps or sites like and keepVid android.

11. Moon on the Water English Dub Version

Belongs to: Beck

Moon on the Water English dub version is an anime OST from Beck anime series. This anime OST is available there on YouTube to listen and the download link is available in the description of this YouTube video.

12. OST ~ 01 Sis Puella Magica!

Belongs to: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

This is original soundtrack of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica anime series episodes. You can listen this song online on YouTube desktop or mobile easily.

13. Soundtrack Making of Cyborg

Belongs to: Ghost in the Shell

This is another popular original soundtrack of Ghost in the Shell anime. This OST is used while making cyborg in the series. This is actually a traditional Japanese wedding songs which is used for representing the wedding of machine and men.

14. Sleepy Head by The Pillows

Belongs to: FLCL

This anime OST is from FLCL anime and available on YouTube for free. This anime OST is the best and solid soundtrack of early 2000 for anime.

15. You Say Run

Belongs to: Boku no Hero Academia

This anime OST is from Boku no Hero Academia anime series. It is original soundtracks of the main theme of this anime.

16. Here to Stay

Belongs to: Bleach

This is a sad anime OST from Bleach anime. This anime OST is very slow and gives you a perfect feel when you are feeling sad. This is the best anime song download ever.

17. Meikyoushisui

Belongs to: Gundam Build Fighters

It is original soundtrack of Gundam Build Fighters animation. It is Japanese anime series and related to a girl who is looking for partners for Gunpla Battle club of the Game.

18. Sad Anime Ost : Eye Water – Guitar

Belongs to: Shingeki no Kyojin!/Attack On Titan!

This original soundtrack is from Attack on titan. It is a very popular anime worldwide and loved by millions of people. This anime is from the time where they killed Marco.

19. Sad Anime Ost : Believe Me

Belongs to: Steins:Gate

This anime OST is played on piano and violin which is from SteinsGate anime. It is a sad OST but the ending of this OST is a happy ending.

20. MKAlieZ

Belongs to: Aldnoah.Zero

MKAlieZ anime OST is taken from Aldnoah.Zero anime series. This anime OST is used in fighting.

21. Arata na Master Samurai

Belongs to: Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

Arata na Master Samurai anime soundtracks is powerful anime OST used in Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls while war and fighting with enemy.

22. Valse Hot

Belongs to: Magi the labyrinth of Magic


This is another best anime song download ever on YouTube. It is used in the Magi the labyrinth of Magic anime. It’s a powerful anime OST which makes you feel very confident while listening.

23. Hashire

Belongs to: Hunter X Hunter

Hashire anime OST is from Hunter X Hunter anime series. This anime OST is heard by thousands of people on YouTube and liked by thousands of people.

24.  Only One Step Alone

Belongs to: Winter Sonata Anime


Only one step alone anime OST is used in Winter sonata anime. You can also download this anime OST directly from the available download link in the description of this video on YouTube.

25. Next to You HD

Belongs to: Parasyte the Maxim

Next to you anime HD is very popular on YouTube and watched 1,309,491 on YouTube. This anime OST sound is from Parasyte the Maxim anime.

Part 2. How to Download These Best Anime Songs


We told you about top 25 anime OST which is really very famous among anime lovers but it is not possible to download these anime songs directly from YouTube, so we are introducing a way to download anime OST. This is iMusic and it helps you download anime OST from YouTube and 10000+ other video sites. It supports mostly every site to download videos and music. You can record music using iMusic or you can download them by copying the URL from the sites. it is a very easy to use software and helps you transfer music and videos to other devices as well in just one click without any limitation of devices.

iMusic - Most Excellent Spotify to MP3 Downloader

  • Download music from over 10,000 music and video sites.
  • Record music in original quality and automatically split the ads.
  • Discover and download music from more than 300,000 songs.
  • Transfer music between any two devices directly without iTunes.
  • Fix music library intelligently with correct ID3 tags.

How to download anime songs from YouTube with iMusic

Step 1 Select the right version (windows or mac) of iMusic from the official page and install it. We will use windows version here. Run software on computer by double clicking on the icon.

Download Best Anime Songs - Step 1

Step 2 Go to YouTube and look for your favorite anime OST. For Example I am downloading Ghost in the Shell Soundtracks here from YouTube. Now copy the anime OST URL from the address bar of your browser.

Download Best Anime Songs -Step 2

Step 3 Go back to iMusic and click on download tab. Enter the copied video URL in the download tab URL area. Select mp3 or MP4 from the options below and click on “Download” button.

Download Best Anime Songs

Step 4 Now video downloading will be started. Click on the “Download” icon to see live progress of downloading.

Download Best Anime Songs

Step 3 Once it is completed click on “iTunes Library” tab. Here all downloaded files will be available.

Download Best Anime Songs

Part one of this article was related to available anime OST for you. In theother part we told you about best anime songs download way. In the download part we have downloaded ghost in the shell sound which is discussed in the part 1 of the guide. Like that you can easily download any anime OST using this software. After downloading the anime OST you can easily transfer them to any other device and it has the feature of automatically conversion while transferring. That means it will convert the files in compatible formats automatically to the device while transferring.

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